A Wife Loved Like The Church


Posted on: January 22, 2010

My dear readers, as of today, I have lost 50 pounds since having Hannah. I am now under my wedding day weight and closing in on my college weight. Woo-hoo!!

7 Responses to "FIFTY!"

YEAH! YOU GO GIRL! That is awesome!!!

Wow! Where is the bikini pic?

You’re funny, Emily! Pretty certain I’ll never wear a bikini again! My girls made sure my stomach will never look “normal” again. Haha.

wow way too go! doin anything specific to get that weight off?! i’m getting closer to mine too but not quite! 🙂

Jamie – I’ve been done/been doing Weight Watchers and then working out. Plus nursing. Maybe it’s like the perfect trifecta?

Chiming in late to say – WAY TO GO SARAH!!! Woohoo!

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