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It will never, ever end

Posted on: January 21, 2010

I’ve been trying to have just one laundry day. It seems like between cloth diapers, the girls’ blankets/sheets and our clothes, I am always doing laundry. But since moving in with the Abdos, I’m striving to do just one day of laundry instead of 4. The results? Lots and lots and lots of folding. Today I’ve done 5 out of 9 loads of laundry (not including the diapers I washed over night). Whew. On the plus side, I didn’t do laundry any other day this week. It really is the never ending task.

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I’m the youngest of 8, so we did 4 loads a day all week long – except Sunday- which meant at least 6 loads on Monday. I do 3 loads 2x/week now – which seems like nothing compared to when I was young.

nice pics with the blog 😉 makes it more interesting, right? i hear ya, cloth diapering makes laundry never end.

I feel the same way and there’s only two of us! Laundry just seems to never end. I think it’s partly because I never have just a laundry day, because I don’t want to spend my whole Saturday doing laundry so I’ll do one or two loads in the evening when I get home from work. But when I do two, I rarely get the 2nd load folded before I go to bed. I love nice folded laundry, just not a big fan of doing the folding!

I have been doing laundry every time my small hamper gets full. It only holds about 2 loads of clothes, so I am pretty much doing it every day. I prefer doing just a little at a time. I want to get as much housework/laundry done during the week so that the weekends are free to do other things besides housework and laundry. Since I stay at home, I want some sort of break on the weekends and that is what I try to give myself.

It is so wonderful that Madeline is now old enough to put nearly all of her laundry away by herself. In another year or less, I bet she’ll be washing her own too. 🙂 Tony and I bring the laptop into the bedroom and watch something on hulu while we fold our laundry. It makes the time go by so much faster!

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