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My love of flowers in my hair runs deep. When I got married, I wore my hair up {with a veil} and during my reception, I added this beautiful, huge gerber daisy to it. *happy sigh* Then last summer, I decided to spruce up my ponytails by adding cute flowers to them. I will even add them to my favorite knotted up hair do. But, for some reason, I’ve never put flowers in my hair while it’s down. Until now:

I was pretty surprised that it stayed in my hair all day and never loosened up. It added great pizazz to my outfit and I just loved it. What fun things do you do to prettify your hair? Ever tried adding flowers?

**On a completely random note: Notice the crib? When we moved, our movers broke our crib. Sad, right? Jonathan and I really hated the idea of buying a new crib but it had to be done. Or not. My friend/neighbor Jodi randomly asked me if we needed a crib, as her sister was getting rid of hers. Of course I said yes, and the crib arrived a few days later. How awesomely awesome if that? A total thanks to Jodi and God!

The other night Jonathan and I were working on my website {have I ever mentioned how wonderful it is to have a web analysis for a hubby?? Well, it is!}. Our jaws dropped when we saw this:

Site Stats for A Wife Loved Like the Church

Since I started actively {and intentionally} blogging last February, my numbers have literally tripled. Each month I am blown away. Each month I think how amazing all of you, my readers, are. You. guys. rock. Really. You do. Your comments, your encouragement, your support, it brightens my day. Thank you so much for supporting me over the last year! I love y’all!

Just a little Friday joy to share with all of you… What’s your Friday joy?

We only have five more days in Iowa. Yesterday was the first day that everyone was health {or relatively enough to have outside contact}, so we did a lot. And in the craziness of everything, two amazing things happened:

1. We found renters for our house! Praise God! After several postings on Craigslist, with no response, we finally had a couple contact us for a showing. They are moving into the area for work and just fell in love with the house {who could blame them?!?}. They signed the lease yesterday – the same day we gave them a tour. It all happened in four hours! Whew. Talk about a whirlwind.

2. My sweet and dear friend, Leah, gave me this:

"Would you look at that? Would you look at THAT? Holy smokes. Do... Do you know what this is? This is... A lamp!"

While my version is a night light, it is perhaps the coolest Christmas gift I have ever received. I love it. And owning it now allows me to cross off #27 of my 30 Before 30 – Own a Leg Lamp. Thanks again, Leah!

Top Ten {Tuesday} Our family is packing up our house for a big move to Texas. We leave next Wednesday, so we are working hard to get everything squared away in time. Thankfully, a lot gets done when Jonathan is at home and we can work together. But, I’ve still found that there are some lessons we’ve learned NOT to do when packing up your entire house.

1. Pack up all your toys – While it might seem like a great idea to clean up the toy room, it’s dangerous territory when your two toddlers have nothing to play with.

2. Pack up all your medicine – Sure, you haven’t been sick in months, so why do you need 3 bottles of NyQuil? Trust me on this – packing up all your medicine is like asking to get sick.

3. Have your oldest get pink eye – See #2. Told you I was asking for it.

4. Have your youngest get pink eye – Could I really expect her not to get it, since big sister is all she has left to play with {see #1}?

5. Get sick yourself – See #2 and #3 and #4.

6. Start The 30 Day Shred – I blame this fully on Alicia’s amazing results. Once I saw her before and after pictures, I went out that afternoon and bought 30 Day Shred. I’m on day 5. And I’m really, really sore.

7. Volunteer for anything – I volunteer for things before I even think. It’s a good habit that comes at bad times. Thankfully all my friends are gracious enough to overlook when I back out of my responsibilities at the last minute {Sorry friends!}.

8. Be hard on yourself – Let’s just say I haven’t been the greenest human lately. Or the most time conscious. Or the most loving. Or the most hygiene prone. Or anything else I strive for.

9. Be overly hard on your kids – Moving is hard for kids. They don’t fully understand what’s going on. And while it’s frustrating to explain for the fourteenth billion time what it means to “pack” I need to cut the girls some slack.

10. Not ask for help – I’m blessed with friends just waiting to help us. And I take advantage of it when I can/need. And that means thankfully I have dinner provided for us every night this week. Can you say awesome? {Thanks friends!}

What are some of your packing tips? Any crazy stories of packing with little ones?

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Yesterday we celebrated the marriage of two very close friends, Matt and Kristen.  You might recall that Julia was their flower girl. It was a beautiful ceremony and I am so thrilled for them!

Julia was cheesing so hard in all her pictures that her eyes were almost always closed or look closed. But man was she thrilled to be up with with Kristen!

I’m not one to really cry at wedding. But…. I nearly cried. And not at the exchanging of the vows, or the pronouncement of the couple, or even the sentimental feelings of remembering my own wedding. No, I nearly cried at the very beginning when Julia was walking down the aisle. She did an amazing job as flower girl {not being scared, dropping flowers all the way down and not making a peep}. When she first started, she looked back at me a little apprehensively, and with a reassuring nod and some encouraging “You’ve got it” she marched on down. And my heart swelled with pride and sadness. Pride that she was doing something rather brave for a 2 year old, and sadness that she’s growing up so quickly. I pray that I truly live in the moment, that I treasure this time and enjoy our time together. Because one day, she’ll be walking down the aisle, and she won’t be a little girl anymore.

After making my first apron, someone suggested I do an apron giveaway. Then one day at Hobby Lobby I came across some adorable fall inspired fabric and knew immediately that I wanted to make an apron for my readers to win!

It’s very fall-ish and perfect for all your Thanksgiving cooking coming up {hard to believe Thanksgiving is so close!}. I truly made this apron with all of you in mind and want to tell you how much I’ve appreciated your support as I’ve grown my blog this last year. It’s been so much fun and I couldn’t have done it without you!

For each comment, you’ll receive an entry and a chance to win!

1. Leave a comment telling me your favorite thing about fall.

2. Blog about the giveaway, linking back to this post.

3. Follow me on Twitter: @sadiewindham

The giveaway ends on Friday, October 22 at 11:59 CST.

This giveaway is for US residents only – sorry to all my UK friends.

I got back from New York late last night. While I had a fabulous time away, I was ready to see my family and return to my little life. And if I wasn’t ready before I got here, having Jonathan tell me five times how happy he was I was home would have done it! And just to make sure I fully understood how much I was missed, Jack {our Golden} would not leave me alone all night. He just kept getting closer and closer to me on the bed. Then the girls this morning both did little happy dances and haven’t let me out of their sights yet!

But on to the actual trip…

New York is amazing. It is crazy and congested. You can’t stick your arm out without hitting someone and I love it. Friday I spent sightseeing with Dimple, before Shambhavi came into town. We stayed mostly in the Houston St area near Union Square. We ate brunch at this great place called Clinton Street Baking Co:

So amazing is this place that the typical wait for brunch is 2-3 hours. Hours. Since we got there late and it was a weekday, we only waited 30-45 minutes. We took advantage of the time and got to see sights like this:

{Empire State Building}

And this:

{Flat Iron Building}

Friday night we went to eat at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn. Despite the fact that this place is quite literally a dump, the pizza was amazing and lived up to the hype. We crossed over the Brooklyn Bridge to burn off all that yummy food.

Saturday we took the Sex in the City tour which was fabulous. It took us to the Meat Packing District and Greenwich Village. We got out at both places and enjoyed some pretty tasty cupcakes from Magnolia Bakery, made famous because of the show {and well, their delicious cupcakes}. Saturday night we went out for Dimple’s birthday. We went to a new bar, Plunge, that is on top of Gansevoort Hotel, over looking the Hudson River in the Meat Packing District. It was breathtaking. Our second stop was later that night at one of Dimple’s favorite spots, PS450. I didn’t take many pictures on Saturday, because I was getting weary of dragging my awesome, but big, Nikon everywhere. Hopefully I will get some pictures from Dimple and Shambhavi to show you soon!

Going to New York was a total departure from reality. It was relaxing {I slept till 11 most days!}, fun and completely fancy-free. But on Sunday I was ready to for home. The trip made me even more grateful for my family and my simple little life. In the words of Juno MacGuff: “I never realize how much I like being home unless I’ve been somewhere really different for a while.”

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