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Have you heard of Pinterest? Pinterest’s tagline is “a place to catalog the things you love”. And that, my friends, is exactly what it is.

Pinterest is set up so that you have different boards, where you pin things you love. Think of it as a cork board, where you “pin up” ideas, recipes, crafts, whatever you fancy, so you can refer to it later. It’s purely ingenious. Oh how I love Pinterest so. Especially the recipes… I could drool for hours.

Here are my top ten favorite pins:

1. S’more Nachos

2. The Babe with the Power Onesie – a great throwback to Labyrinth and totally something Baby Boy needs

3. Not By Coffee Alone – my personal mantra

4. Pillowcase storage – I so need to do this to my linen closet

5. Wrap made from one square yard – Talk about easy and adorable

6. Easy eggs for Egg McMuffins

7. Melting Snowman Cookies – Ok, I know we are no where near Christmas, but c’mon, this is fantastic

8. Homemade Liquid Soap from Bar Soap

9. Head Scarf Tie – I did this yesterday and it was really adorable!

10. Nutella Cookies – ‘Nuf said

Are you on Pinterest? If so, do you love it or what?! If not, join. Now! 

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Tuesday I took the girls to a dollar showing of Charlotte’s Web, along with three other mamas and their kiddos. We knew the place would be a mad house, so we arrived early to get seats and the kids settled.

The girls had a blast. Between being in a theatre, being in a theatre with their friends, their way awesome mama {go me!} got them popcorn and a Sprite. Though, let me just say, I need to figure out a better way to bring in popcorn to the theatre cause that stuff is expensive!

Sadly, I’m not so awesome that I can take two kids {one who is potty training} and remember to bring my camera {or even take pictures for that matter}. So this is our only shot of our movie date:

Aside from needing to bring in my own popcorn, I did learn a very valuable lesson about taking both girls to the theatre – sit on the end, not the middle. Because, some little one {who shall remain nameless} will ask to “go potty” at least six times during the movie.

Thankfully, the other mamas didn’t mind keeping an eye on Julia, and let’s face it, a theatre full of kids isn’t exactly going to be quiet and uninterrupted. Even with the multiple potty breaks {the girl stayed dry the whole time!}, it was so much fun treating Julia and Hannah to a mama date. I’m hoping to take them back again in August when they show The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything. This time with my own popcorn.

Have you taken your kids to the movies? If so, what did they think? If not, I highly recommend doing a dollar show just to try it out!

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Before Julia was born, I found these adorable white wooden ABC letters at Hobby Lobby. Since we had decided on her name, I went ahead a bought the letters to hang in her room. Once Hannah was born, I got the letters for her name too. Since moving {not only from house to house in Iowa, but across the country} the letters have been tucked away in our closet for “later”.

“Later” finally came last week. Inspired by a sign hanging in the girls’ room, we choose the colors.

Jonathan, being the genius that he is, came up with a whole scheme for which letters should be which color:

So I got to work. I laid out all the letters that coordinated with a certain color:

Then I started painting, or spraying, however you want to look at it:

After working most of the morning, this is my end result:

What fun projects have you done lately? 

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Monday night, Jonathan and I watched this wonderful documentary called Building Hope. It’s the story of journalist, Turk Pipkin, who, after visiting Mahiga in rural Kenya, decided to help them build a high school. After the movie, we started talking about what our family could do to help. Inspired and motivated, we came up with an idea.

Why a high school? 

While the children in the area have access to a primary education, none of them have access to a secondary education. In other words, their education stops at eighth grade.

Why do they need secondary education?

Just like in America, without a high school education, you can’t go to college in Africa. And even if you choose not to go to college, ending your formal education at eighth grade, greatly hinders your ability to succeed in work or even provide for your family.

Why should you care?

There are countless stories around the world about the needs of the less fortunate. Each one as heartbreaking as the last. Each one pulling at our strings of humanity. Yet, once the story is told and we walk away, it seems too big to conquer on our own. And so we move on with our lives. But this story has hope. This story shows that one person can make a difference. That there really is something you can do. Something we can all do that will make a big difference.

What can you do to help Mahiga?

1. Grab a book off your shelf, any book, pre-K through 12th.

2. Write a note on the inside cover to make it special. Something like: “Here is To Kill a Mockingbird, one of my favorite fictional stories. A story of triumph and the victory of truth. I hope it brings you as much enjoyment and enlightenment as it has brought me. Love, Sarah from Austin, Texas”

3. Mail the book to:

It’s that simple. Just one book. Or as many books as you want to send. We are working together with Turk Pipkin and the Bazaarvoice Foundation to ship them directly to the school.

From now until July 4th, we will be collecting books. Our goal is to gather 100 books to send to Mahiga Hope. If we band together, we can have the books to the students by the start of their fall semester.

Will you join us? Will you help us build an even greater library of hope for the students of Mahiga Hope School?


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In my effort to mark off more from my 30 Before 30, I have been perfecting my yeast handling abilities. Last week I decided to make French bread rolls from my Betty Crocker Picture Cookbook, because, well, I have a love of French bread that might board on obsession. Not to mention, it looked like a crazy-easy recipe.

French Bread Rolls

1 to 1 1/2 cups lukewarm water {when it is neither hot nor cold on your wrist}

1 1/2 tsp salt

2 1/4 tsp dry active yeast

1 tbsp butter

3 1/2 to 3 3/4 cup sifted flour

Mix water, salt and yeast in a mixing bowl until yeast is well dissolved. Add in butter. Slowly add flour, until well blended. Knead bread, folding dough over toward you. Then press down away from you with the heel of your hand. Give dough quarter turns, repeating kneading, until it is smooth, elastic and non-sticky.

Place dough in greased bowl, turning once to bring greased side up. Cover. Let rise until double {about 1.5-2 hours}. Once risen, punch down, pulling edges into center and turn completely over in bowl. Let rise again until almost double {about 30-45 minutes}.

After second rising, divide dough into 16 equal parts. Form into little buns {or balls}. Place on grease baking sheet. With scissors, snip rolls in half, then in half again, cutting almost through to the bottom. Brush with water. Let rise one hour.

Brush with water again. Then brush with egg white and sprinkle with poppyseeds.

Bake at 425 for 10 minutes.

It might sound like a lot {especially if you don’t bake with yeast often}, but it’s really quite easy – I promise!

Once the rolls are done, they are hard on the outside {like french bread} but super soft and yummy on the inside. They make a plainer meal – like Monday night meatloaf – something a little more spectacular.

And for that, I’m marking mastering yeast off my 30 Before 30 list!

Bon Appetit!

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I think it’s pretty awesome that I’ve been fortunate enough in my life, to live in two amazing music cities {Nashville and Austin}. For those of you who haven’t ever visited Austin, it’s considered the live music capital of the World. With SWSX and ACL Fest alone, I suppose it proves true. But those are just two events. The real music happens everyday. From street performers to cafes and bars. From the Austin Music Hall to local churches. Music is constantly going here in Austin. It’s perhaps one of the things I love most about the city.

Last night, Jonathan and I had the chance to go with some friends to a taping of Austin City Limits. If you’re unfamiliar with Austin City Limits {ACL}, it’s a PBS t.v. music program that is filmed live here in the city. There have been a range of artists like Norah Jones, Pearl Jam, Etta James and Wilco.

We got to see Hospital Ships, who, until last night, I had never heard of. They’re an indie rock bank, who I thought were pretty cool.

Sorry for the blurriness, we couldn't use flash

The greatest thing about live music, is that you don’t have to known the artist and their songs to fully appreciate the music. Sure, there is an excitement of singing along, but just being there, absorbing the music, the beats, the atmosphere, hearing the artists talking between songs. It’s powerful in a way.

Not to mention, I got to spend the night with Jonathan, the person who single-handedly opened my eyes to a range of music I never knew before. The date started off a little rocky, because Jonathan called home around 5:15 to let me know he had a phone meeting with his team in Australia, so wouldn’t be home anytime soon. And he wasn’t. He literally showed up as we were leaving {we wouldn’t have left without him – no worries}. Thankfully, it all worked out and we had a really great night.

Do you like watching live music? Can you remember your favorite concert?

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{Side note to any UT Alum: The band last night was talking about all the crazy squirrels on campus. Said that one of them had been attacked by squirrels four different times. Looks like the squirrels haven’t gotten in less crazy in the last 6+ years!}

Have you ever asked someone when they are due, only to find out they aren’t pregnant? Or, even better, has someone asked you if you were expecting, when you very clearly were not? I’ve always erred on the side of caution and just not brought up the belly in question. But, when it comes to social media, people can drop “pregnant hints” like none other. What then?!

Well, here are a few ways to tell if your social media friend is indeed, with child:

And if those signs fail to pass your “they might be pregnant” radar, then maybe this will help:

Yes, my friends, I am pregnant. I am 10 weeks along {tomorrow}, due the first week of November. Thankfully, I haven’t been overly sick, just some extreme nausea that can last mere minutes, several hours, or all day. Quite unpredictable. But, baby is well, and that is all that matters.

We just had our appointment with our midwives earlier this week. We will be delivering with a birthing center in South Austin. I am thrilled with the facilities, as it’s the perfect blend between home and hospital. I am exploring water birth as our delivery option, but am still in the research phase. If any of you have had a water birth, or know of good resources on them, please let me know!


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I have feathers. In my hair. On purpose. And quite frankly, they kinda rock.

I have four sections of feather extensions {two on each side}. Two are larger feathers {more of what you think when you think “bird feather”} and then the rest are long and thin {think rooster feathers}. I’d totally go for more, but, as it turns out, feather extensions aren’t cheap. Here in Austin, they average $20-25 a section. Thankfully, my awesome new stylist said she wouldn’t charge me for each extension, just one. You can buy kits, but it seems just as pricey to me, since they are geared more toward salons.

The extensions last up to 4 months. As your hair grows out, you can go back in for them to readjust the feathers {or, with some pliers, do it yourself}. Once the feathers are in, you can wash and style your hair as normal. I was a little worried the first time, but the feathers did fine. My larger feathers reminded me of what a wet bird looks like {sort of poofy and crazy} but they calmed down. I’ve been told, the feathers take on your natural oils with time and blend in completely with your hair. I haven’t noticed that yet with the two larger feathers, but have with the thinner ones.

So far, I’m in love with them. Love, love, love. Jonathan was a little shocked at first – just because I had gotten four sections and, honestly, because of my two big feathers. I think they freaked him out a bit. 😉 I figure it’s just a stepping stone to preparing him for me getting dreads.

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A few weeks ago, I wrote about how we found a house, put in an offer and had the offer accepted in less than 48 hours. As with a lot of other life things, housing buying can be tricky. Between finances, paperwork, inspections, schedules, etc., anything can go wrong at any time. So, in an effort to not put my hope in the wrong place, or to hype anything up, I haven’t written about our move.

But it’s happening.

While we haven’t signed the closing paperwork, everything is set {finances approved, money in the bank} and ready to go for next week. We are having a few scheduling issues arise, but we think they should be smoothed over {for those of you who want the boring info – the short of it is – we are set to close on the 31st, but our locked in interest rate ends on the 30th, so we need to figure out which day to close}.

Here are just a few pictures of my favorite things in the house:

Look at that beautiful {big} kitchen! It overlooks the living room and backyard. Sigh.

The girls' room. Already painted girly pink and everything!

A playscape! Heart be still, the playscape stays! I am one happy mama {with two happy little girls}.

While we still don’t own the house, we are pretty certain everything is going to go through as expected. Which means, come this time next week, we will be in our new home, starting some wonderful new adventures! I cannot wait!

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*If you’d like to see the rest of the house, let me know and I can email you a link to the tour {it has our address and I don’t want that on my blog}.

Growing up I prided myself on having no Southern accent. I worked continuously to sound as if I was from any where but Tennessee. Then in the summer of 2002, after spending time in southern Alabama, I realized how deeply I missed my Southern accent. Unfortunately, it no longer comes naturally {unless I’m very tired or very upset} and it seems odd to work on an accent at nearly 30. So instead of drawing out my vowels and slowing down my speech, I’ve devoted myself to other Southern endeavors, like mastering fried chicken, sweet tea, and teaching my girls to say ma’am and sir. One endeavor {which might be my favorite and easiest} is to subscribe to Southern Living. And while, I don’t always make their mouth-watering recipes, when I come a cross one that grabs me by the horns, I know it’s going to be a keeper.

Goat Cheese and Strawberry Grilled Cheese Sandwich

{photo credit}

The original recipe called for more ingredients than I had on hand, so I made a simplified version:

1/4-1/3 cup crumbled goat cheese

2-3 strawberries, thinly sliced

2 pieces of bread

Place half of the goat cheese on a slice of bread. Layer with strawberries. Add remaining cheese. Grill on a lightly grease frying pan {or in your George Foreman, like me}, until cheese is melted. Cut in half. Enjoy!


I’ve experimented with other cheeses, and will say that goat cheese is the way to go. It’s tanginess mingles just perfectly with the sweet-tartness of the strawberries. It’s delicious!

What’s your favorite grilled cheese sandwich?

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