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Tuesday I took the girls to a dollar showing of Charlotte’s Web, along with three other mamas and their kiddos. We knew the place would be a mad house, so we arrived early to get seats and the kids settled.

The girls had a blast. Between being in a theatre, being in a theatre with their friends, their way awesome mama {go me!} got them popcorn and a Sprite. Though, let me just say, I need to figure out a better way to bring in popcorn to the theatre cause that stuff is expensive!

Sadly, I’m not so awesome that I can take two kids {one who is potty training} and remember to bring my camera {or even take pictures for that matter}. So this is our only shot of our movie date:

Aside from needing to bring in my own popcorn, I did learn a very valuable lesson about taking both girls to the theatre – sit on the end, not the middle. Because, some little one {who shall remain nameless} will ask to “go potty” at least six times during the movie.

Thankfully, the other mamas didn’t mind keeping an eye on Julia, and let’s face it, a theatre full of kids isn’t exactly going to be quiet and uninterrupted. Even with the multiple potty breaks {the girl stayed dry the whole time!}, it was so much fun treating Julia and Hannah to a mama date. I’m hoping to take them back again in August when they show The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything. This time with my own popcorn.

Have you taken your kids to the movies? If so, what did they think? If not, I highly recommend doing a dollar show just to try it out!

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Top Ten {Tuesday}We are “officially” potty training Hannah. I’m hesitant to even write about it, mostly because I feel like when you announce that you’re potty training, a certain expectation is set on you and your child. And for me, I am all about fun training and don’t want it to be pressure based. Now that I’m two kids in, I’ve learned a few things {though am far from an expert}. But here ya go:

1. Train Early – This isn’t for everyone, but I am all about starting potty training before 1 year. Nothing major, just sit the babe on the potty and let them get use to it. I even go so far as to not provide any kiddie potty seat – as I want the babe to be okay with a real toilet. That might go a step too far for you, so do what you like {little potty, potty seat, etc}. But I’ve found with the girls, they catch on to the potty super well since we started so young {even if real training doesn’t start till 2}.

2. Sing Praises – Because of personal family convictions, we don’t use food as a form of praise/reward. Instead, I sing my little heart out. And both girls have gotten a kick out of it.

3. Show Grace – Kids aren’t going to get their training the first time. Or even the fifth time. You’ll have accidents. Some days a lot. Show them grace. Show yourself grace.

4. Show Even More Grace – Have a kid who’s been potty trained for a year and now starts having accidents? Show even more grace. Trust me on this.

5. Be Prepared for the Worst – If you’re potty training, please, please, please don’t leave the house without a spare set of clothes for your kiddo. Even if you think you’re in the clear, always prepare for the worst. {And show grace when it happens, cause it will.}

6. Put on a Show – In addition to my awesome song, lots of dancing, fun shouting and rowdy play takes place while I’m training. Especially in the beginning. I remember with Julia, once running through the house shouting “she did it, she did it!” after she had a successful potty trip. Man, that girl was on cloud nice for the rest of the day. And so was I. 😉

7. Set the Bar Low – With both girls, my first goal was to have them learn to poop in the potty. Then pee. Not both at once. I set the bar low and then s-l-o-w-l-y up it as I see them progress.

8. One Step at a Time – For whatever reason, nighttime/naptime training takes a while for my girls. And that’s okay. I don’t mind doling out the money for nighttime pull-ups. It’s part of life and I am so okay with it {especially since we don’t need them during the day}. I say, day train and then night train. One step at a time.

9. Set the Right Expectations – Of course I’d love to have a bootcamp weekend where Hannah is full potty trained in two days, but that ain’t gonna happen. For one, I’m not that patient. And for two, that’s not how our family rolls. Instead, I’m setting the expectation that Hannah be day trained before Baby Boy arrives.

10. Have Fun – Having fun and potty training don’t always go hand-in-hand. But they can. Realize that kids like to please you and really like to feel like big kids. So, with a little grace {if you haven’t caught on by now, potty training is all about the grace}, some crazy mama dancing and lots of praise, potty training can be a really rewarding experience. For you and your kid.

Have you ever potty trained a child? If so, what are some tips you’d add?

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I’ve started potty training Hannah.

Before you think I’m crazy {after all, she’s only 16 months old}, it’s not quite the potty training one might think. There’s no bootcamp or hours spent locked in the bathroom. It’s just a s-l-o-w process of getting Hannah comfortable with going on the potty.

When Hannah turned one, I introduced the potty to her. In the beginning she really wasn’t all that interested, but after a couple of months she loves it. She’s started communicating when she needs to go, which is great, since this girl poos 5-7 times a day. I’d say we are about 50/50 on actually being on top of things. But 50/50 means I’m only changing 2-3 dirty diapers in a day, which is amazing!

We did a very similar method with Julia, slowly introducing her to using the potty at an early age. Even though she wasn’t fully potty trained till this summer, she has exclusively pooped in the potty since 20 months. For that reason alone, I love starting potty training young. I know that Hannah is her own person and might very well take longer. But, it’s been wonderful seeing her excitement for the potty and the bonds that are happening between her, Julia and I as we are walking down this newest adventure together.

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Last August we started potty training Julia. Things went smoothly until we went to Tennessee for Labor Day. After a week of sporadic training, Julia came back home very resistant to going on the potty. I spent several months “forcing” the issue, hoping that she’d finally get it and be potty trained by 2. But alas, her second birthday came and went, then Christmas, then New Year’s.

When we moved in with the Abdos we thought we might give training once last go. On January 31, Julia went “pee-pee on the potty”. Afterward, we told the Abdos. Their reaction was priceless. They cheered, danced, sung and hugged Julia. And she was hooked. Since then, she has refused to wear a diaper during the day, has more dry days then accidents, and always asks to “Go tell Abdos” after she goes potty. Sometimes she even has an audience:


That is about all I can say right now.

Seriously. I am just too, too excited!

I took the girls to Chicago on Tuesday. Julia made it the whole way there without one accident (even though she was wearing a diaper). About 2 hours into our trip, she asked to go potty, so we made a stop. Once in Chicago, she did really well for the first half of the trip (about 2-3 hours) but then bathrooms became scarce she had a few accidents.

Yesterday around, 11, I realized that Julia had made it through the whole morning without one accident. Multiple times she told me when she needed to go to the potty, without any prompting. Then 5 rolled around and she still hadn’t had any accidents. We had been out twice running errands, one of which she informed me she needed to go, but had to wait till we got home (15 minutes later). Things are going just as well today. No accidents, she’s telling me when she needs to go or I take her when I think enough time has passed that she might need to go.

We’re still working on a system of going before we ever leave the house, going as soon as we come home. I’ve found that she has the most accidents when she’s outside and too distracted. Usually, she’ll start going and come running to me saying “Uh-oh, potty”. So, when she’s outside I have to stay on top of it with her, to help her out.

She’s been staying dry overnight for at least a week and has only had one wet diaper during naps. Holy cow, I am thrilled! We got this book from the library, “No More Diapers for Ducky!” and she wants to read it all the time. Which, hey, if it’s gonna help her and be even more of an encouragement, then I am all for it! Kinda like her obsession with “Zoo Poo” (which I kinda like, because she always asks for it when she needs to poo, so I know what to expect 😉 ).

Here’s two questions I’ve got for all you moms who have potty trained:

1. What did you use during naps/overnight when your kiddo was staying dry, but you wanted back up just in case?

2. What did you use during trips/longer outings, when a bathroom might not be available all the time and accidents might be more likely to happen?

So far, we’ve gone with the no-diapers-except-for-sleeping-or-long-trips (aka, our trip to Chicago this week), but I’d really love to try no-diapers-ever and see how we do. I have waterproof trainers, but for some reason Julia HATES them and cries whenever she has to wear them. Any suggestions would be awesome.

My friend, Dana, once wrote a post about how she thinks her life is an episode from Seinfeld. I decided that whatever show my life takes after, I must be the comic relief.

Tuesday morning I took the girls to run a few errands. One of them was going to the library to pay a few late fines (they really should have a new mom leniency program). When we first got there, I took Mabel to the potty. As I’m steering my ginormous double stroller into the restroom, Jonathan calls. I walk into the family bathroom (it’s not a stall, but actual bathroom) and the automatic light doesn’t come on. The stroller is so huge, that I’m struggling to push it all the way into the restroom. All the while, talking on the phone, trying to turn on the light (that is, again, suppose to be automatic and has no real switch), and keep Mabel from peeing in her big girl pants. I toss my purse off my shoulder onto the counter (still in the dark), when I hear water.

Water is never a good sign.

The light finally comes on, I turn around to see my purse, laying in the toddler sink, water running. Because, clearly, the automatic light won’t work when I need it, but the sink will! I grab my purse, just to see that the bag of M&M’s I brought as potty rewards is sitting in the sink soaking wet. Perfect.

For about 10 seconds I was pretty irritated. Then I realized just how ridiculously funny the situation really was, and I laughed. My life might not be an episode from Seinfeld, but one thing is for sure; if there is ever a show about the ridiculous things that happens to moms, my life could supply ample amounts of material.


Posted on: August 10, 2009

It’s official.

Potty training starts today.

Mabel has slowly gotten back on track (on her own incentive) for the first time since Hannah was born. She had some regression for a few weeks, which was fine by me since I was (maybe still am?!) in post-baby haze. But I decided that it’s time to bite the bullet and go for it. We’re going to Tennessee over Labor Day, so that might throw a chink in my chain, but hopefully we’ll survive.

Send us good potty vibes and wish us luck!

Here’s to no diapers by the end of the year!

We are inching our way closer and closer to being diaper free. More and more often Julia is alerting me when she needs to go (more so for pooping than peeing) and she has a pretty good record to telling me after she’s peed. She’s correlating everything: dry, wet, potty, urges, etc. It’s all very exciting, but honestly I have some concerns that she’ll regress when Dubya Dos arrives. I suppose I can’t really worry about it too much for now. Just keep up with the praise and training and pray for the best!

Julia is sleeping overnight in her new toddler bed. We’re still having her sleep in the crib during naps, because we had a few instances of her getting up after only 20 minutes and frankly she and I both need more rest than that! Yet at night she does really well. We’ve hit a snag in sleeping in since we got back from Texas. Despite the fact that there is NO time change between us and Texas, Julia has stopped sleeping in. Total bummer. I really enjoyed the 6:30-7 wake up call. Not loving the 5:30 wake up call. At the advice of some girlfriends and websites, we’re going to get a large alarm clock for Julia to use. The idea is to teach her the number 6, black out the last two digits and train her to stay in bed until she sees the right number. I read one mom actually set the clock slow, so that her child didn’t wake up until after 6, but they thought it was 6. Whoa, if that would work… sweet! Kinda funny that we’re all up in a teasy trying to get Julia to sleep in, just to start loosing sleep again come June.

I went to Wal-Mart today for the first time in nearly a month. Grr. I am so glad I’ve started shopping elsewhere. I mean Wal-Mart has so cheap prices, but I’m finding it so not worth the extra effort/time/stress to go there. However, if Jack wants food and the rest of us want toilet paper, Wal-Mart is gotta stay on the shopping route.

The swine flu is coming, the swine flu is coming! Perhaps I’m too sheltered/idealist but really, I’m not sure it’s all that necessary to start freaking out about this virus. Already they are talking on NPR about the possibility of swine flu turning into a epidemic. Sounds oddly similar to the avian flu scare a couple of years back. Yet, I do find it humorous that they are saying travel to Texas should be limited, due to a breakout (of 2 students) in the San Antonio area. Oops.

For several months now, we’ve s-l-o-w-l-y been potty training Mabel. There’s no pressure and I try to make it as easy-going and fun as possible. She seems to really be enjoying herself and gets a big kick our of the whole process. 

Well, last week I was sitting on the couch going through the mail, when Julia came up, grabbed my hand and began pulling (she’s learned to do this recently when she wants me to “follow” her). I got up, thinking she wanted me to play, when she lead me to the bathroom. She started pointing to the potty and grunting. I took off her diaper, sat her on the seat and lo and behold, she pooped and peed!! Can I just say, I am one proud mama?!? 

I realize we’ve still got a ways to go, but what a great first step. Makes me think our goal of being diaper free by November/December is pretty realistic.


Sorry, can't figure out how to flip the image. But you can still tell, she's pretty proud of herself.

Sorry, can't figure out how to flip the image. But you can still tell, she's pretty proud of herself.

More and more lately I have considered potty training Julia over the next 6+ months so as to have her out of diapers by the time Dubya Dos arrives. In all reality this is a long shot, but some part of me is hopeful that it could be done. And here’s why… gory details and all.

A couple of weeks ago Julia was taking a bath. I was sitting next to the tub reading, when she stood up along the side to start interacting with me. I was still half reading, half playing when I realized she was acting a little, well, strained. Immediately I asked “Are you pooping?”. Obviously, she gave no answer but a grunt was enough to confirm what I expected. I picked her up, sat her on the toilet where she did her business. A few days later, during a diaper change I caught her pre-poo and dashed off to the bathroom.

Then again tonight we had another random success. We allow Julia to have naked time sometimes after she’s just had a diaper change. So tonight during NT I noticed that she was needing to using the bathroom. I sat her on the toilet and she did her thing. Pretty impressive for a 11 1/2 month old. At least I think so.

With these “victories” under my belt, I can’t help but wonder if I could feasibly potty train a 1 year old. I’ve heard about elimination communication, but mostly viewed it with an upturned nose. Now I’m starting to reconsider my stance on EC and toying with the idea of having a few diaper free days, to assess the situation. Hmmm… This might require laying down some plastic all over the floors, or scheduling for Robert to come clean our carpets the following day! We’ll see. I always have grandiose ideas that don’t pan out exactly as I imagine, and this could just be one of those.