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Comic relief

Posted on: August 13, 2009

My friend, Dana, once wrote a post about how she thinks her life is an episode from Seinfeld. I decided that whatever show my life takes after, I must be the comic relief.

Tuesday morning I took the girls to run a few errands. One of them was going to the library to pay a few late fines (they really should have a new mom leniency program). When we first got there, I took Mabel to the potty. As I’m steering my ginormous double stroller into the restroom, Jonathan calls. I walk into the family bathroom (it’s not a stall, but actual bathroom) and the automatic light doesn’t come on. The stroller is so huge, that I’m struggling to push it all the way into the restroom. All the while, talking on the phone, trying to turn on the light (that is, again, suppose to be automatic and has no real switch), and keep Mabel from peeing in her big girl pants. I toss my purse off my shoulder onto the counter (still in the dark), when I hear water.

Water is never a good sign.

The light finally comes on, I turn around to see my purse, laying in the toddler sink, water running. Because, clearly, the automatic light won’t work when I need it, but the sink will! I grab my purse, just to see that the bag of M&M’s I brought as potty rewards is sitting in the sink soaking wet. Perfect.

For about 10 seconds I was pretty irritated. Then I realized just how ridiculously funny the situation really was, and I laughed. My life might not be an episode from Seinfeld, but one thing is for sure; if there is ever a show about the ridiculous things that happens to moms, my life could supply ample amounts of material.

1 Response to "Comic relief"

Oh Sarah!!! I am so sorry that happened, but I am seriously laughing out loud! Did Julia make it to the toilet in time? It reminded me of when my child had pooped in their pants and it rolled out the bottom only to have them step in it and leave a trail of little poop prints… hahahahaha! Indeed parenthood = ridiculousness abounds!

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