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Posted on: August 10, 2009

It’s official.

Potty training starts today.

Mabel has slowly gotten back on track (on her own incentive) for the first time since Hannah was born. She had some regression for a few weeks, which was fine by me since I was (maybe still am?!) in post-baby haze. But I decided that it’s time to bite the bullet and go for it. We’re going to Tennessee over Labor Day, so that might throw a chink in my chain, but hopefully we’ll survive.

Send us good potty vibes and wish us luck!

Here’s to no diapers by the end of the year!

2 Responses to "Eeek!"

Adeline showed signs of interest at Julia’s age too. So we went for it…it lasted a year! One thing that I did go and buy was plastic diaper covers (with girly prints) at Walmart to help with the mess. Adeline finally caught on completely at 2 1/2yrs. So if you’re having more frustration than not, don’t worry about holding off or giving it a go for a while and then starting it back up.

[…] Last August we started potty training Julia. Things went smoothly until we went to Tennessee for Labor Day. After a week of sporadic […]

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