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Tuesday I took the girls to a dollar showing of Charlotte’s Web, along with three other mamas and their kiddos. We knew the place would be a mad house, so we arrived early to get seats and the kids settled.

The girls had a blast. Between being in a theatre, being in a theatre with their friends, their way awesome mama {go me!} got them popcorn and a Sprite. Though, let me just say, I need to figure out a better way to bring in popcorn to the theatre cause that stuff is expensive!

Sadly, I’m not so awesome that I can take two kids {one who is potty training} and remember to bring my camera {or even take pictures for that matter}. So this is our only shot of our movie date:

Aside from needing to bring in my own popcorn, I did learn a very valuable lesson about taking both girls to the theatre – sit on the end, not the middle. Because, some little one {who shall remain nameless} will ask to “go potty” at least six times during the movie.

Thankfully, the other mamas didn’t mind keeping an eye on Julia, and let’s face it, a theatre full of kids isn’t exactly going to be quiet and uninterrupted. Even with the multiple potty breaks {the girl stayed dry the whole time!}, it was so much fun treating Julia and Hannah to a mama date. I’m hoping to take them back again in August when they show The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything. This time with my own popcorn.

Have you taken your kids to the movies? If so, what did they think? If not, I highly recommend doing a dollar show just to try it out!

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