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Potty training, toddler bed, Wal-Mart and the Swine flu

Posted on: April 27, 2009

We are inching our way closer and closer to being diaper free. More and more often Julia is alerting me when she needs to go (more so for pooping than peeing) and she has a pretty good record to telling me after she’s peed. She’s correlating everything: dry, wet, potty, urges, etc. It’s all very exciting, but honestly I have some concerns that she’ll regress when Dubya Dos arrives. I suppose I can’t really worry about it too much for now. Just keep up with the praise and training and pray for the best!

Julia is sleeping overnight in her new toddler bed. We’re still having her sleep in the crib during naps, because we had a few instances of her getting up after only 20 minutes and frankly she and I both need more rest than that! Yet at night she does really well. We’ve hit a snag in sleeping in since we got back from Texas. Despite the fact that there is NO time change between us and Texas, Julia has stopped sleeping in. Total bummer. I really enjoyed the 6:30-7 wake up call. Not loving the 5:30 wake up call. At the advice of some girlfriends and websites, we’re going to get a large alarm clock for Julia to use. The idea is to teach her the number 6, black out the last two digits and train her to stay in bed until she sees the right number. I read one mom actually set the clock slow, so that her child didn’t wake up until after 6, but they thought it was 6. Whoa, if that would work… sweet! Kinda funny that we’re all up in a teasy trying to get Julia to sleep in, just to start loosing sleep again come June.

I went to Wal-Mart today for the first time in nearly a month. Grr. I am so glad I’ve started shopping elsewhere. I mean Wal-Mart has so cheap prices, but I’m finding it so not worth the extra effort/time/stress to go there. However, if Jack wants food and the rest of us want toilet paper, Wal-Mart is gotta stay on the shopping route.

The swine flu is coming, the swine flu is coming! Perhaps I’m too sheltered/idealist but really, I’m not sure it’s all that necessary to start freaking out about this virus. Already they are talking on NPR about the possibility of swine flu turning into a epidemic. Sounds oddly similar to the avian flu scare a couple of years back. Yet, I do find it humorous that they are saying travel to Texas should be limited, due to a breakout (of 2 students) in the San Antonio area. Oops.

2 Responses to "Potty training, toddler bed, Wal-Mart and the Swine flu"

I hear you on Wal-Mart. I try to avoid high traffic times, but there are times where I’m sure my blood pressure raises at least 20 points due to the craziness. I can’t imagine taking a young child there!

So the thing with the flu, most epidemiologists predict a major worldwide pandemic flu at some point in the next decade. Basically they feel that it’s a matter of when rather than if. Not sure if this swine flu is it or just a minor blip. I actually really hope it’s not because it would be like a nail in the coffin for our economy. We went through some ethics training at work about what to do in case there is a pandemic flu and it’s kind of scary. Like, I may get locked in at the hospital and not be able to go home. Praying to God that he holds off on the pandemic flu until I can be a stay at home mom!! 🙂

I remember before leaving the U that I went to a few HR classes dealing with our department’s guidelines if there was a pandemic flu. I know there’s always the chance for something bad to happen, especially with how global our world is, but I just can’t help thinking that people blow things a little outta proportion. There’s a fine line between caution and scare tactics. Ya know?

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