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Potty training, Day 11

Posted on: August 21, 2009


That is about all I can say right now.

Seriously. I am just too, too excited!

I took the girls to Chicago on Tuesday. Julia made it the whole way there without one accident (even though she was wearing a diaper). About 2 hours into our trip, she asked to go potty, so we made a stop. Once in Chicago, she did really well for the first half of the trip (about 2-3 hours) but then bathrooms became scarce she had a few accidents.

Yesterday around, 11, I realized that Julia had made it through the whole morning without one accident. Multiple times she told me when she needed to go to the potty, without any prompting. Then 5 rolled around and she still hadn’t had any accidents. We had been out twice running errands, one of which she informed me she needed to go, but had to wait till we got home (15 minutes later). Things are going just as well today. No accidents, she’s telling me when she needs to go or I take her when I think enough time has passed that she might need to go.

We’re still working on a system of going before we ever leave the house, going as soon as we come home. I’ve found that she has the most accidents when she’s outside and too distracted. Usually, she’ll start going and come running to me saying “Uh-oh, potty”. So, when she’s outside I have to stay on top of it with her, to help her out.

She’s been staying dry overnight for at least a week and has only had one wet diaper during naps. Holy cow, I am thrilled! We got this book from the library, “No More Diapers for Ducky!” and she wants to read it all the time. Which, hey, if it’s gonna help her and be even more of an encouragement, then I am all for it! Kinda like her obsession with “Zoo Poo” (which I kinda like, because she always asks for it when she needs to poo, so I know what to expect 😉 ).

Here’s two questions I’ve got for all you moms who have potty trained:

1. What did you use during naps/overnight when your kiddo was staying dry, but you wanted back up just in case?

2. What did you use during trips/longer outings, when a bathroom might not be available all the time and accidents might be more likely to happen?

So far, we’ve gone with the no-diapers-except-for-sleeping-or-long-trips (aka, our trip to Chicago this week), but I’d really love to try no-diapers-ever and see how we do. I have waterproof trainers, but for some reason Julia HATES them and cries whenever she has to wear them. Any suggestions would be awesome.

1 Response to "Potty training, Day 11"

Wow! Awesome! Adeline can still fill a pool with her pee during nap time and night time. We have a portable potty that we take with us when we know we won’t have a potty to use http://www.amazon.com/dp/B000K7IF1O/ref=asc_df_B000K7IF1O887843?smid=ATVPDKIKX0DER&tag=shopzilla_rev_20-20&linkCode=asn&creative=380341&creativeASIN=B000K7IF1O.
I’ve covered her mattress with a plastic mattress cover to protect the mattress during the learning process. It will be less stress for you as well to have more than one pair of sheets for her bed so that you don’t have to get them washed and put back on her bed in the same day.
Love the book idea! Julia definately deserves a special treat!

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