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Hospital Ships Live at Austin City Limits

Posted on: May 19, 2011

I think it’s pretty awesome that I’ve been fortunate enough in my life, to live in two amazing music cities {Nashville and Austin}. For those of you who haven’t ever visited Austin, it’s considered the live music capital of the World. With SWSX and ACL Fest alone, I suppose it proves true. But those are just two events. The real music happens everyday. From street performers to cafes and bars. From the Austin Music Hall to local churches. Music is constantly going here in Austin. It’s perhaps one of the things I love most about the city.

Last night, Jonathan and I had the chance to go with some friends to a taping of Austin City Limits. If you’re unfamiliar with Austin City Limits {ACL}, it’s a PBS t.v. music program that is filmed live here in the city. There have been a range of artists like Norah Jones, Pearl Jam, Etta James and Wilco.

We got to see Hospital Ships, who, until last night, I had never heard of. They’re an indie rock bank, who I thought were pretty cool.

Sorry for the blurriness, we couldn't use flash

The greatest thing about live music, is that you don’t have to known the artist and their songs to fully appreciate the music. Sure, there is an excitement of singing along, but just being there, absorbing the music, the beats, the atmosphere, hearing the artists talking between songs. It’s powerful in a way.

Not to mention, I got to spend the night with Jonathan, the person who single-handedly opened my eyes to a range of music I never knew before. The date started off a little rocky, because Jonathan called home around 5:15 to let me know he had a phone meeting with his team in Australia, so wouldn’t be home anytime soon. And he wasn’t. He literally showed up as we were leaving {we wouldn’t have left without him – no worries}. Thankfully, it all worked out and we had a really great night.

Do you like watching live music? Can you remember your favorite concert?

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{Side note to any UT Alum: The band last night was talking about all the crazy squirrels on campus. Said that one of them had been attacked by squirrels four different times. Looks like the squirrels haven’t gotten in less crazy in the last 6+ years!}

8 Responses to "Hospital Ships Live at Austin City Limits"

How cool! I’m finding more and more reasons why I need to visit Austin…and I guess you guys live there, too. 🙂

Oh my word! What a fun time! I will have to mark Austin on my list of places to visit. 🙂

How fun, so glad Jon made it! ACL taping is another reason I need to come back and visit. In our 10 years there we never went. That photo of you two is adorable, I love your cute belly!

Looks like a fun date 🙂 I just have to say, I love your hair longer. It looks so pretty!!

Kelsey and Jodi – Austin is an awesome place just for visiting. The downtown area is super walker/biker friendly and you can get just about anywhere you want to go.

Katie – Our friend gets tickets a lot through his work, so the next time you make it to ATX for a few days, maybe we can get some tickets.

Alicia – Thanks! After much debate, I’ve decided to keep it long for a while and to keep the dark red-brown color.

Oooh, I really want to visit Austin (because you live there, and also because it’s a cool city)! When it comes to Texas, it’s the city I’ve heard the most about.
Ya’ll look really cute in your date picture. 🙂

How fun!

Sounds like a fun date night…and you look just beautiful…glowing! 🙂


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