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Top Ten Reasons I Avoid Going to the Doctor

Posted on: May 17, 2011

Top Ten {Tuesday}First, let me clarify: I think doctors pretty much rock. If it weren’t for doctors and scientist {which at times are one in the same} we wouldn’t have all the amazing health treatments that we have. And for that I am totally grateful. But still, I really, really dislike going to the doctor. Why? Well, pull up a chair and I’ll tell ya.

1. I’m a know it all – Rarely do I go into the doctor because something is wrong and I don’t know what it is. So going seems like a waste of time.

2. I don’t actually know it all – Last time I checked {which was today, actually} the only initials that come after my name are m.o.m. and not M.D. Crazy, right?

3. House – I fully blame my anti-doctor policy on the t.v. show House. Cause we all know, when you go to the doctor with a “common cold” you walk away two weeks later healed from some crazy unpronounceable disease.

4. My mom’s a nurse – And as such, I feel exempt from ever having to see the doctor. It’s like my free-pass in life.

5. Old habits die hard – I had this really fabulous doctor in Iowa, who, 3 years ago, up and left her practice to move to another city {where her husband was moving}. Since then, it’s never been the same for me. Amy L – if you ever read this – please move to Austin.

6. Doctor + 2 kids = disaster – I don’t like taking my girls for their check ups when I’m fully with it. Taking them when the appointment is for me? No thank you.

7. I’m pregnant – Therefore, I assume they can’t actually do anything {or give me anything} and my time will be wasted {another reason to dread #6}.

8. I’m stubborn – See #1.

9. I have an overactive imagination – See #3.

10. I don’t like to admit defeat – But after 2+ weeks of coughing, sneezing, and nasty-nastiness coming from my nose, I’m waving my white flag and heading to the doctor today. Wish me luck.

How do you feel about doctor visits?

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6 Responses to "Top Ten Reasons I Avoid Going to the Doctor"

Oh girl, I am not a doctor fan either! I haven’t been since… since… I honestly don’t know, haha! You need to get better, though!

awww! Hope your trip to the doctor is productive! I can totally relate: House has expanded my ever-crazy imagination. 🙂

I can totally relate. Especially to number 1 and 2, haha. I can’t remember the last time I went to a doctor for care, maybe 4 years ago when I got the flu and even then I went to a walk in clinic on Anderson Lane, by our old house. When we got to Seattle I never found anyone, mostly because I didn’t look. I now have a cardiologist I see but no primary care person.

Hope you get well soon doctor or no doctor, this sounds rough.

Your title caught my attention. I can relate so much to this post. Visiting today from Top Ten Tuesday.

Serious white coat syndrome going on for this girl! I’m with ya! Except I don’t watch House. My doctor show is Grey’s Anatomy, which means I’m afraid if I go in for a check up I worry that I’ll either find myself in the middle of an office lockdown because there’s a mad man on the loose shooting people, or I’ll find myself staring into Doctor McDreamy’s eyes while he starts the drill that will end up in my skull for brain surgery. And yes…usually, I only have symptoms of a sinus infection or allergies. Far from a brain tumor! But…well, like you…I have an active imagination…and it often likes to jump to worst case scenario.

Hope your doctors visit went well and you’re on the road to recovery. Praying for you!


Haaaaahaha, I feel similarly as you when it comes to #5; when I moved to Texas, I stopped going to the doctor because I liked my WA doctor better. Now, I do all my yearly exams in WA when I come home for Christmas break. Old habits do die hard!


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