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Top Ten {Tuesday}First, let me clarify: I think doctors pretty much rock. If it weren’t for doctors and scientist {which at times are one in the same} we wouldn’t have all the amazing health treatments that we have. And for that I am totally grateful. But still, I really, really dislike going to the doctor. Why? Well, pull up a chair and I’ll tell ya.

1. I’m a know it all – Rarely do I go into the doctor because something is wrong and I don’t know what it is. So going seems like a waste of time.

2. I don’t actually know it all – Last time I checked {which was today, actually} the only initials that come after my name are m.o.m. and not M.D. Crazy, right?

3. House – I fully blame my anti-doctor policy on the t.v. show House. Cause we all know, when you go to the doctor with a “common cold” you walk away two weeks later healed from some crazy unpronounceable disease.

4. My mom’s a nurse – And as such, I feel exempt from ever having to see the doctor. It’s like my free-pass in life.

5. Old habits die hard – I had this really fabulous doctor in Iowa, who, 3 years ago, up and left her practice to move to another city {where her husband was moving}. Since then, it’s never been the same for me. Amy L – if you ever read this – please move to Austin.

6. Doctor + 2 kids = disaster – I don’t like taking my girls for their check ups when I’m fully with it. Taking them when the appointment is for me? No thank you.

7. I’m pregnant – Therefore, I assume they can’t actually do anything {or give me anything} and my time will be wasted {another reason to dread #6}.

8. I’m stubborn – See #1.

9. I have an overactive imagination – See #3.

10. I don’t like to admit defeat – But after 2+ weeks of coughing, sneezing, and nasty-nastiness coming from my nose, I’m waving my white flag and heading to the doctor today. Wish me luck.

How do you feel about doctor visits?

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As I sat down to write, I realized I haven’t had any one big adventure this week. However, there have been lots of little adventures that have made my week fun {despite battling my cold}.

1. Buying my bridesmaid dress for Carrie’s wedding

This dress was a great find this weekend at Macy’s. And it got the seal of approval from Rabeea and Jonathan. Clearly a winner.

Focus on the cuteness of the dress, not my unkept-haven't-felt-well look

2. Finding a great find on grass fed, organic beef

I haven’t been able to buy 100% grass fed organic beef since we left Iowa. The Texas stores sell it, but the cheapest I’ve seen has been $8.99/lb. Tough to swallow. Then…. oh glorious then. Then, a local store began their sale this week for $3.99/lb. For 100% grass fed organic beef. I bought 10 pounds yesterday and plan to return next week for another 10+ pounds.

3. Surviving the week

I think I might have caught a man cold. Because I feel super whiny and cranky. But, being the good woman that I am, I’ve pulled myself up by my boot straps and carried on with life. And with the exception of getting a little short with the girls yesterday afternoon, I think I’ve done a pretty good job.

4. Made strawberry bread

In an attempt to have something for Jonathan to take on-the-go for work day breakfast, I made strawberry bread last night. It’s a shame that the picture doesn’t capture the wonderful smell from this loaf of awesomeness.

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