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Bellies and Babies, Oh My!

Posted on: May 20, 2011

I’m 16 weeks, and things are trucking right along. I’ve started to feel Baby Three move. Not often, but if I’m really relaxed or just had some coffee {like this morning}, then there’s definitely some action going on.

The belly is growing, that much is true! It’s looking a little less odd to me, and I’m slowly getting over the fact that the scale keeps creeping up {partly because it’s doing it slowly, and partly because I feel like I really have some control this time around}. Though, I am going to Tennessee and Chicago all next week/weekend, so we’ll see how I do around lots of yummy foods. I’m just having to remind myself that weight gain in pregnancy is what I’m going for and stop worrying so much.

What are y’alls Friday joy? Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

7 Responses to "Bellies and Babies, Oh My!"

Adorable! Our Friday’s joy is that we have nowhere to go and nothing to do but play with my little guys, stay in our pjs and drink coffee.:)

Your belly is so beautiful and cute! You look amazing, you’re doing great keeping in shape and eating well. If the scale is no good then stop you are doing a great job eating well and moving your body will do it’s job too! Ha well maybe one more check in after the trip, but I’m sure all the running around with the girls will work it out.

Aww such a pretty belly!

Thanks for the sweet words ladies!

Jodi – hope your Friday continues to be just as relaxing as it sounds. 🙂

What a cute belly! Being pregnant is such an amazing thing, isnt it?

Friday brings a lot of just being lazy :). Tomorrow is cleaning day so today I’ll just hang out with my daughter & hubby.

Very cute Sarah! Hope you are feeling better. We should skype again sometime soon!

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