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To Scrapbook or Not? Every Mom’s Question {A Guest Post}

Posted on: May 23, 2011

Today is the first day of my week of guest posters. I am super happy that my dear friend {and fellow blogger} Leah agreed to write for me. This, of course, is after having just moved across the country with her husband and three kids {one who is still an infant}. A pretty amazing gal, right?!


I don’t know about you, but I’m no scrapbooker.  At times, I really wish that I was, but starting now with 3 kids already?  Yep, that sounds just a tad overwhelming.  Just for the fun of it, I just did a search for “why should I scrapbook?” One of the results that I found was a ten step guide.  Ha!

Whew!  I don’t know about you, but just reading a ten step guide list makes me want to sit down, kick up my feet and pour myself a glass of lemonade. 🙂  My hat’s off to all you fabulous scrapbookers out there- but I’m 100% certain now, that I am not one of you!

However!  I really do want to have a few things that my kids can look back and remember things about their lives.  I’ve come up with a system that is working out great so far!  Perhaps I will call it “Scrapbooking for Dummies”. 🙂

My first item on my list?  A baby book. My mother-in-law give me a baby book when I was pregnant with our first child.  I remember looking at her and saying “Ok, well, I will need one of these for all my babies then– not just the firstborn!”  Sure enough, shortly after we announce that we are pregnant the last two times, she has provided yet another baby book.    And while there are definitely blanks not filled in and pages here and there that are completely bare, I’m proud to say that I have kept up with them…. somewhat.

Here are a few of my tricks of how I make sure they get filled out:

  • Write the “firsts” down on the calendar when they happen.  Smiling, rolling over, sitting, ect.  Just make a note on the calendar and don’t worry about dragging out the books to fill in one little date.  Quick and easy, yet is so fun to know when things actually happen!
  • I keep the kid’s books in their closet so they are easily available to me.  Usually when I start thinking about their birthday party for that year ( most of our baby books have pages for up to 5 years old) I try to get out the book and get a refresher of what the blanks are for me to fill in and it also reminds me to take an extra picture that day specifically for the “Look who is 3 today!” page.  And this is a really great time to flip through the calendar for the past few months and fill in some of those important dates.
  • Watch for great photo deals!  I follow several “deal sites/blogs” and quite regularly there are awesome photo print deals especially when you order 50 or 100 prints.  While that might seem overwhelming (and yes, some days it is!) – when I find a good deal on photos I really try to use that as an excuse to pull out their books and get them somewhat updated.  Plus, it goes along with my frugalista lifestyle to not have to dip into their college savings accounts just get all the pictures printed.  I’m kidding. 🙂

I love digital photography!  It is so awesome that I can store thousands of pictures of the kids and have them on hand.  However, my children very much enjoy turning the pages of photo books and saying “remember ______”  I’ve made it a goal to have a photo album on hand for each of them, in addition to their baby books.  When I find one of the above mentioned photo deals, I love to print off my favorite pics and tuck them in their albums without having to ad a title or story behind each picture.  Sure, we have 54 other pictures of my son rolling over for the first time stored on the computer, but I get to print my favorite one of him out for his photo album!  Plus, the kids love it whenever I get the books out of the closet!  A great rainy day activity!!

Another idea that I am trying my hand at is having a 3-ring binder with empty plastic sleeves to keep a few of their favorite drawings and/or art projects stored in.  My daughter was (and still is) very much into coloring and creating things so I have several of her pieces in there since she was 2 or 3 years old.  My son on the other hand?  Not so much.  He is more into building towers and then knocking them down or chasing his sister. I have a feeling his binder will not be quite as full. 😉

And last but not least…. kid’s say the darndest things!  For real, I’m so thankful that God gave 2 year olds such great quotes!  I decided long ago that I DID NOT want to forget those funny moments.  So I started a file on my computer that I have their awesome one-lines saved.  Absolutely hilarious!  The added bonus? When I’m having a rough day with one of the kids?  Reading through their quotes from over the years instantly makes me smile. 🙂 Here are a few of my favorites that I have kept!

“Where’s the flusher?” (aka- how do I flush the toilet)

“I tooted in my tummy!” (trying to describe a growling stomach)

“Mom, I’m winding (fanning) you!”

“Momineeakeenex!” (yelling from the crib- MOM, I need a kleenex!)

“Hold you me!” (Hold me please)

“I look like my daddy’s eyes.” (people always comment that she HAS her daddy’s eyes)

“It is VERY locked!”

Too cute, right?

Ready to start preserving your kid’s memories? Now go buy some scrapbooking paper and glue! It really can be easier and less expensive than the traditional route, and 10 or 15 years from now? You will be glad you did!!

Do you scrapbook? If so, have any tricks to share of your own? If not, how to preserve memories?

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Leah is a daughter of the King, wife and stay-at-home mom of three cuties who loves a great deal. She’s an entrepreneur at heart, enjoys an adventure and when she grows up she would love to be a comedian.  In her spare time she enjoys blogging at A Momma on a Mission where she writes about faith, family life, frugal and healthy living, and making just about anything you can think of from scratch!

9 Responses to "To Scrapbook or Not? Every Mom’s Question {A Guest Post}"

I love this! I started a baby book/scrap book for my firstborn and never finished it…then felt guilty for not having one for my second born. We have a ton of photos and sometimes I get overwhelmed just thinking about starting. 🙂

I know how you feel! I have two baby books for the girls and haven’t made it past 6 months for either of them. I just hope they like reading my blog when they are older! 😉

And you can turn your blog into a book electronically as well!

The baby books even overwhelm me! 😉 So I keep a Baby’s First Year Calendar and then a photo album of only that child for a full year and then add special ones here and there (especially birthdays) for the following years. In the front of their album I write their first words and special phrases. All of my photo albums are the ones with lines to write beside the picture so that I can add a note if I want to.

And I forgot to mention that I take pictures of my kids’ art and then make an album out of the pictures using a photo store like Shutterfly. This way I don’t have to choose what art to keep. In this way you could also take pictures of all those towers your son builds and make an album of his creations.

Ann – Those are some really awesome ideas!!

I have that exact baby book… but am pretty slack at filling it in… My son is 5 months, I just hope he won’t be mad that I didn’t chronicle his life so much. I even forget to write down his firsts… terrible mother I am.

Love this post perfect for someone (me) who wants so badly to scrapbook but in reality never will! Thanks Leah!

Thanks for the added ideas Ann. I don’t have much but would really like to turn some blog posts into a book. From what I’ve seen it gets expensive quickly and I don’t think my kid would want my posts on body image or knitting…or maybe they would.

Ugh..weird wording. I meant much in the way of ideas and on that note I’ve GOT to go to bed.

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