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We are heading back to the hospital today for the second time this week. And again it’s for Hannah. However, this visit has been planned for over a month.

Hannah’s having her tonsils removed today.

Last fall, we noticed that Hannah was exhibiting similar sleep apnea issues that Julia also had. We thought at first that she may just have allergies, and decided to wait to pursue things medically. By January, when things had not cleared up, we took her to the pediatrician. From there, we were referred to pediatric ENT.

The ENT visit took all of 10 minutes. The doctor asked us a few questions, did a quick exam on Hannah, but once he found out we’ve been through a tonsillectomy with Julia, he signed up right up for surgery. It all happened faster than I expected {given that it took months before surgery became an option for Julia}, but I knew it was for the best.

Our fridge is stocked with juice and pudding, and our freezer is stocked with popsicles and ice cream. Hannah’s surgery is scheduled for 11am. She’s been drinking juice all morning, since she’s not allowed any solid foods.

Because Hannah wasn’t allowed solid foods after 2am, Jonathan got her up around 1 and had a midnight snack with her. Apparently, she ate TWO tuna fish sandwiches and a bowl of goldfish. I’m pretty grateful she had such a big appetite, because it’s made not having breakfast a lot more bearable.

The weekend will be spent lounging around, watching lots of Super Why! episodes and keeping Hannah nice and comfy as she recovers. Perhaps not quite the adventure I’d want for her, but an adventure all the same.

Do you have your tonsils? Jonathan and I both do, but now the kids are 2-1.  

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Last Saturday morning started off with a nice peaceful feel. It was oddly productively lazy. The house was clean, the kids were playing nicely and there was a calm that hovered over. A calm before the storm.

Around 11 am, as we are all getting ready to leave for a friend’s birthday party, Hannah asked to have a vitamin. As I got the bottle, she asked to take out the vitamin herself. I obliged. Then she asked if she could give one to Julia. I obliged. And then, in the busyness of getting ready, I lost track of the bottle.

After some time, Hannah came up to me, vitamin bottle in hand, and said “Mama, there’s only two left!

We immediately start questioning Hannah as to where the vitamins were. Turns out she ate them. We aren’t completely certain, but our closest estimate is that Hannah consumed about 30 iron fortified chewable vitamins.

I immediately called my mom {who’s a nurse}, while Jonathan started searching on Google for overdose risk. My mom calmly advised that we take her to urgent care, just to make sure that nothing serious happens. And then Jonathan read this ::

Iron overdose is considered a leading cause of poisoning-related death in young children.

Let me just say – that one sentence can evoke a fear I didn’t know existed. Before I knew what happened, Jonathan grabbed Hannah and rushed her to the ER. Over the next 3 hours, they ran tests and X-rays on Hannah to determine her toxicity level.

Being the parent that stays behind is painful. For the first hour and a half, I only got information as Jonathan was able to text it. Once the X-ray was complete and the radiologist was consulted, the doctor said that Hannah was on the lower end of being in danger {quote “a 3 out of 10”}. She and Jonathan were sent home where we were to monitor her for vomiting, diarrhea and lethargic behavior.

With in 30 minutes of being home, Hannah began exhibiting all the signs the doctor described. We went on a “watch and wait” system to determine if we needed to have her re-admitted. We prayed and decided to keep her home and let her nap {by this time it was a good two hours past her normal naptime}. She curled up in our bed with Jonathan, were they both slept off the eventful morning.

By that evening, Hannah said she felt much better. She was still having a few GI issues, but was holding down her food and drink. We had her sleep in our room overnight so we could be nearby in case any issues arose. Thankfully they didn’t, and by Sunday morning, the vitamin fiasco was like a bad dream.

Funny enough, when I was Hannah’s age, I overdosed on some children’s medicine. Looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Did you ever overdose as a child? If you have kids, have you ever had an overdose scare?

The last two weeks have been one long blur. Jonathan’s been prepping for South by Southwest {SXSW} and the launch for HP Cloud. That has translated into long nights and working all weekend. We are now half way through Spring Break week and I am throughly confused as to what day it actually is {yesterday felt like a Friday, though it was Tuesday}.

Monday Night at the Belmont, show hosted by HP Cloud

At FrogDesign Party

Even with the crazy schedule lately, this is the first Spring Break {post-college} that has actually felt like Spring Break. It probably helps that the girls are usually in school, so to be home all week feels like a vacation/break in some way. Thanks to beautiful weather, we’ve been outdoors a lot and spending ample amounts of time with friends.

Hannah diving right in at Barton Springs

Julia was a little more timid of the cold water

Today we are making a trip to the Austin Zoo and Sanctuary with some friends. I made the mistake of telling Julia last week that we were planning to go, and she hasn’t stopped asking me about it since. Note to self : Don’t tell your kids a week before an event takes place… Lesson learned.

Hopefully by this weekend, Jonathan’s work will have slowed down enough for him to be home and we can enjoy the last few days of break together as a family.

How is your Spring Break? Do you have the week off? 

Yesterday was Hannah’s first day of preschool. She started the two-days a week program at the same church where Julia has been going since last fall. Since Julia started “school” Hannah has been talking about going non-stop. While we do educational things at home when Julia is gone, I’ve certainly dropped the teacher ball after Joseph’s birth. To have the opportunity for Hannah to learn in a play-based way is going to be so great for her.

This photo says so much about my sweet girls’ relationship. Hannah, despite her spit fire personality, really does look up to Julia a lot. And Julia, ever the comforter, really does a great job of watching of Hannah.

Once we got to school, Hannah was a little miffed that she wasn’t going to class with Julia. She kept insisting that she was also four years old and needed to be with Julia and her friends. But, her teachers helped distract her with all the fun toys and games they had. As I left the building, I sneaked a quick peek in her room and she was playing and all happy.

When she came home, she was a ball of excitement with all the wonderful things she’d learned and done. She just loves her teachers and is so excited to finally be at school with her big sister and two neighbor friends.

It’s a bittersweet time now. I love that Hannah is getting to participate in such a great program. I love that Hannah and Julia have another way to bond. And I love being just with Joseph. But it’s a bit sad to see my sweet little Hannah growing up so quickly. She’s turning 3 {THREE!!} in just a few more months. How in the world did that happen? :sigh:

What adventures have you, or your children, had this week?

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That quote pretty much summarizes my personality. Jonathan is complete spontaneity, and I am planned spontaneity. It surprisingly works well together. But with the holidays over, with nearly two weeks of no plans and just spontaneity, it has been a happy, happy feeling to be back into a real routine this week.

Julia started back to school on Monday which brings a sense of structure and order to our household. We have spent the week rooting out bad habits, like excessive television and sugar binges, while introducing new ones, like reading chapter books with Julia and Hannah {well, more Julia than Hannah}. This week we’ve read Pippi Longstocking, My Father’s Dragon and started Clementine.

Have I mentioned before that I love how much Julia loves reading?!

Hannah’s newest routine is acting like a 2.5 year old. And if you’ve ever parented, babysat, been in the same room as a 2.5 year old, you know what I’m talking about. That girl has some will power. Big time. Which has given her a new nickname :: Picosita or Picoso {Spanish for spicy/fiery}. But, no matter how picoso she gets, she slays me with her big eyes.

Joseph has been forming a routine of sorts. I’m a mama that doesn’t schedule feedings, naps, etc until my babies are closer to 6 months. And even then, I blur the lines pretty often. But, Joseph has been getting more dependable about when he wants to sleep and eat, which has been nice for scheduling play dates and trips to the store. I won’t go into his overnight sleep, because every time I mention it, people look at me as if to say “bless your little heart”. Then their eyes bulge out when I tell them I really don’t take issue with how much/little he sleeps, because it’s par for the course and my kids just don’t sleep through the night while nursing. Then they verbally say “bless your little heart” and make a mental note to send me to the looney bin.

Do you crave routine? Or do you blow with the wind? 

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My joy is sweet children

Beautiful babies

And daughters that make me smile

Today I’m reveling in starting a new year as the Fab Five. 2012 is going to be the best year yet.

What’s your Friday Joy?

Last year I met a lot of different people who had their own Word of the Year – a word that they were focusing on for an entire year as a self improvement effort. I’ve been thinking for the last few weeks what I’d want my Word of the Year 2012 to be. I finally figured it out.


Since Joseph’s birth, it has become increasingly clear to me just how quickly time passes. What’s that saying… The days are long but the years are short? So true. Often my days can drag on, yet I still have a sense of holding sand in my hand, the time is fleeting. Frankly, I don’t do a great job of always being present with my kids. Sure, I am with them, but not always present both in body, mind and heart. This is something I want to work on this year.

{photo credit}

But “being present” isn’t a very good goal as it doesn’t have any defined boundaries or standard. I’ve decided to make a “being present” goal for each month in 2012. January’s goal? Board games. The girls both got board games for St. Nick Day and we’re going to put them to good use this month. My plan? Board games twice a week. Might not seem like a big goal, but I’m trying to be realistic and set an achievable bar.

Here’s to fun games of Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land this January!

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