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Weekly Routines – Friday Joy

Posted on: January 13, 2012

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That quote pretty much summarizes my personality. Jonathan is complete spontaneity, and I am planned spontaneity. It surprisingly works well together. But with the holidays over, with nearly two weeks of no plans and just spontaneity, it has been a happy, happy feeling to be back into a real routine this week.

Julia started back to school on Monday which brings a sense of structure and order to our household. We have spent the week rooting out bad habits, like excessive television and sugar binges, while introducing new ones, like reading chapter books with Julia and Hannah {well, more Julia than Hannah}. This week we’ve read Pippi Longstocking, My Father’s Dragon and started Clementine.

Have I mentioned before that I love how much Julia loves reading?!

Hannah’s newest routine is acting like a 2.5 year old. And if you’ve ever parented, babysat, been in the same room as a 2.5 year old, you know what I’m talking about. That girl has some will power. Big time. Which has given her a new nickname :: Picosita or Picoso {Spanish for spicy/fiery}. But, no matter how picoso she gets, she slays me with her big eyes.

Joseph has been forming a routine of sorts. I’m a mama that doesn’t schedule feedings, naps, etc until my babies are closer to 6 months. And even then, I blur the lines pretty often. But, Joseph has been getting more dependable about when he wants to sleep and eat, which has been nice for scheduling play dates and trips to the store. I won’t go into his overnight sleep, because every time I mention it, people look at me as if to say “bless your little heart”. Then their eyes bulge out when I tell them I really don’t take issue with how much/little he sleeps, because it’s par for the course and my kids just don’t sleep through the night while nursing. Then they verbally say “bless your little heart” and make a mental note to send me to the looney bin.

Do you crave routine? Or do you blow with the wind? 

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6 Responses to "Weekly Routines – Friday Joy"

Sarah, your family is just beautiful!

I’m a routine gal. I have to have it all planned out. And then when it doesn’t go as planned, I become a total stress case. Lol!

THANK YOU!!!!! I feel like the ONLY mom I know whose 10-week old isn’t going longer than 4, MAYBE 5, hours at a time at night- and that’s the long stretch!!! So, I will say bless your heart in the sincerest way!

For the first 10 days of his life, Joseph was sleeping about 6 hours a night at a time. Now, 3-5 hours, with 4 being pretty normal. And I’m totally ok with it. So, next time you’re up with Lizzie after only 3 hours of sleep, know I’m right there with ya! Well, at least I will be six hours later. 😉

I really needed that. A mum of a girl 5 days older was complaining about having to feed her baby at midnight, but then she slept until half 8 (8:30). Seriously?!?! I am choosing to focus on how precious my girl is, not what a long sleeper she is. Trying to anyway. 🙂

Yay for getting back into routine! We’re having a hard time adjusting to being alone (most of the day Archer follows me around with is arms up saying/whining “mo-mma mo-mma”) but I’m so glad to be back in our home with our stuff and my husband! I can only imagine how much you love Julia reading, what fun to enjoy that together! Oh the big eyes what a gal, love the nickname!

Girl, I hear ya on the not sleeping babies but honestly the no napping drove me crazy because Archer was a grumpus without the sleep…until recently which honestly can only be an answer to prayer. But, I enjoyed the night nursing (mostly) and look forward to it with bean. I think Emily has said it’s nice to have that alone time with the second and third babies. You’re a rockstar mom and admire you’re honest about the sleep and okay with it.

Katie – I remember those days all too well, when Julia would follow me around just whining to be picked up {which was getting really hard with my pregnant belly}. Hang in there!

Here’s my thought on sleep, which deserves it’s own post – how much, or how little, a babe sleeps doesn’t say how good, or bad, of a mom a person is. When Julia wasn’t sleeping more than 2-3 hours, I felt like people gave me this “you just don’t know what you’re doing” look and it made me feel awful. Finally, I stopped caring about them and just accepted my non-sleeping life. And for the most part, three kids later, I’m fine with it. There are times I get uber grouchy because I’ve not gotten more than an hour or two of sleep at a time, but mostly I just realized, this is life and I can’t rightly complain about it all the time.

And seriously, if Joseph slept for 8.5 hours I’d be doing a victory dance… or maybe not, since I’m sure I’d be crazy sore from not nursing all night. HA!

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