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Do you want to know a secret? I love New Year’s resolutions. While I front by calling them pretty ridiculous, deep down I really love them, sorta like watching Hart of Dixie. It’s the idea of setting a new course, of improving yourself no matter how small, that is really exciting to me. 

This year I set out to stop wearing makeup. Weird, right? I mean, why makeup? Because I’m an odd duck like that and do really bizarre things. Actually, the full story is – I found myself unwilling to leave the house without makeup on. I’d do it, mostly because it’s not always feasible (8 am school drop off is just too dang early sometimes, ya know?) and who actually puts make up on to go running? Still given the choice I didn’t leave home without wearing at least coverup. What better way to break a habit than to give it up completely? I’m extreme like that. In fact, our family calls it “being Atwood”, since being extreme runs on my side of the family.

So when I felt this little makeup demon rise up inside me, I knew I had my 2014 resolution – The Year I Stopped Wearing Makeup.

Now, in all fairness, I’ve not sworn off makeup completely – mostly because I just can’t (or rather just don’t want to). Here are my two makeup rules ::

1. Only wear mascara and lipstick – I can remember my mom telling me that all the makeup a woman ever needed was mascara and lipstick. Who knows why, but I figured there has to be some deep, philosophical reason. Or, maybe my mom just knows that mascara makes our genetically light eyelashes look normal and lipstick is always a good idea. So I made the rule that I can wear mascara and lipstick anytime. Funny enough, out of sheer laziness I actually haven’t been wearing either one lately.

2. Special occasions – Now, this one could have some loose interpretation, but here’s how I define it – Any major event that calls for me to look more dressed up than usual (think special date night or large group event, but not just a typical date or GNO). So far, I’ve only had one special occasion earlier this month when I did in fact wear makeup.

A good three weeks in, and I’ve found that the less makeup I wear, the prettier I feel and the more self confidence I have – ironic, huh? Though, truthfully, when my face broke out like a teenaged girl for certain *cough* reasons *cough* (thanks for that part of the curse, Eve) I found myself longing for makeup. I felt awkward and silly with all those pimples covering my cheeks for the world to see. Good thing I have Invisalign braces and not traditional braces. Things woulda been real bad then, am I right?! 

And just so the whole world can see, here’s me sans makeup ::

Makeup Free Selfie #nofilter

Makeup Free Selfie #mascaraonly #nofilter

What’s the strangest/funniest/weirdest New Year’s resolution you’ve ever made?

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That quote pretty much summarizes my personality. Jonathan is complete spontaneity, and I am planned spontaneity. It surprisingly works well together. But with the holidays over, with nearly two weeks of no plans and just spontaneity, it has been a happy, happy feeling to be back into a real routine this week.

Julia started back to school on Monday which brings a sense of structure and order to our household. We have spent the week rooting out bad habits, like excessive television and sugar binges, while introducing new ones, like reading chapter books with Julia and Hannah {well, more Julia than Hannah}. This week we’ve read Pippi Longstocking, My Father’s Dragon and started Clementine.

Have I mentioned before that I love how much Julia loves reading?!

Hannah’s newest routine is acting like a 2.5 year old. And if you’ve ever parented, babysat, been in the same room as a 2.5 year old, you know what I’m talking about. That girl has some will power. Big time. Which has given her a new nickname :: Picosita or Picoso {Spanish for spicy/fiery}. But, no matter how picoso she gets, she slays me with her big eyes.

Joseph has been forming a routine of sorts. I’m a mama that doesn’t schedule feedings, naps, etc until my babies are closer to 6 months. And even then, I blur the lines pretty often. But, Joseph has been getting more dependable about when he wants to sleep and eat, which has been nice for scheduling play dates and trips to the store. I won’t go into his overnight sleep, because every time I mention it, people look at me as if to say “bless your little heart”. Then their eyes bulge out when I tell them I really don’t take issue with how much/little he sleeps, because it’s par for the course and my kids just don’t sleep through the night while nursing. Then they verbally say “bless your little heart” and make a mental note to send me to the looney bin.

Do you crave routine? Or do you blow with the wind? 

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I’ve admitted before that I am not great at capturing pictures. I’m trying to get better, but don’t hold your breath {I’m certainly not}. Now, couple my lack of picturing taking with needing to send said picture out to 100+ people. Yeah, not gonna happen. Don’t get me wrong, I want to send Christmas cards, and have in the past, but this year I cannot wrap my head around it. I’m using the just-had-a-baby excuse. *Please note, I will most like be using that excuse when all our babies aren’t babies anymore.*

I did manage to get all three kids into cute outfits and snap a quick iPhone photo

Joseph has fit right into our family. He’s a chill baby {thank you Jesus!} who seems to actually enjoy the ultra loud noise level in our home. He’s getting better about sleeping – typically waking up twice a night. We’re currently co-sleeping and are enjoying these fleeting days of snuggling with him. Before we know it, he’ll be much too big to cradle.

Hannah is our little fire ball. She’s feisty, talkative and knows what she wants. She is most certainly a little mamacita. You can’t tell Hannah “no” without a fight. And while it can be frustrating at times, I’m trusting that once she’s older, she will not be won over by peer pressure – she’ll not do something unless she wants to. Her new favorite is putting together puzzles. She will spend hours working on one of our floor puzzles, each time with more and more enthusiasm. And in very like-mama fashion, she is pretty smitten with all things Christmas, especially the story How the Grinch Stole Christmas, which she requests us to read almost hourly.

Julia is a genius. Seriously. I looked it up in the dictionary. She is constantly challenging us with her four year old logic, which can be pretty convincing at times. She’s writing most all of her letters now and can read some of her sight books. Recently, after much pray and consideration, we made a decision about her future schooling. We have an interview set up with a university model school next month and plan to enroll Julia for next fall. She’d only go two days a week and continue homeschooling the other three days. The school is pre-K through 12th, so as for now, this will be our schooling plan. We are certain Julia will flourish in this learning environment.

Jonathan has been hard at work as the Senior Manager of Interactive Marketing & Demand Generation for the HP Cloud Services. He made the switch to HP at the beginning of October. While it’s been quite an increase in his work load demand, it has been a really great opportunity for him. Aside from work, Jonathan just completed his first semester in the Men’s Development Program at the Austin Stone {our church}. He spent an entire semester learning about systematic theology and bonding with other men. He has really been grown and stretched during that time.

As for me, I just keep on keeping on. This fall I started BSF {Bible Study Fellowship}. While the last few weeks haven’t proven to be spiritually life changing, I see the fruit the children’s program is producing in the girls and it’s wonderful. In just a few more days, my official half marathon training starts. I had started running a couple of weeks back, but my hips reacted really poorly to it, so I decided to actually take my full 6 weeks of post-delivery recover.  I’m having to really learn what it means to slow down and allow things to slide by that aren’t priorities. That’s pretty hard for me to do – but I’m taking baby steps.

From buying our new house, to Julia starting school, Jonathan starting a new job and taking a church leader’s class, and Joseph being born, this year has been a big year for our family. I am continually amazed by God’s faithfulness at every new turn and the ways that He is growing us to be more like Christ.

To all of you, my sweet friends and family, we wish you a very Merry Christmas and a wonderful New Year.