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Word of the Year – Present

Posted on: January 2, 2012

Last year I met a lot of different people who had their own Word of the Year – a word that they were focusing on for an entire year as a self improvement effort. I’ve been thinking for the last few weeks what I’d want my Word of the Year 2012 to be. I finally figured it out.


Since Joseph’s birth, it has become increasingly clear to me just how quickly time passes. What’s that saying… The days are long but the years are short? So true. Often my days can drag on, yet I still have a sense of holding sand in my hand, the time is fleeting. Frankly, I don’t do a great job of always being present with my kids. Sure, I am with them, but not always present both in body, mind and heart. This is something I want to work on this year.

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But “being present” isn’t a very good goal as it doesn’t have any defined boundaries or standard. I’ve decided to make a “being present” goal for each month in 2012. January’s goal? Board games. The girls both got board games for St. Nick Day and we’re going to put them to good use this month. My plan? Board games twice a week. Might not seem like a big goal, but I’m trying to be realistic and set an achievable bar.

Here’s to fun games of Chutes and Ladders and Candy Land this January!

5 Responses to "Word of the Year – Present"

Love that goal! We love to play games. Another great one to try with the little ones is Jenga. That’s the game where you stack the wood blocks and with one hand have to pull a block from the bottom without causing the tower to fall. Faith got that one for Christmas and we have giggled more over that game than I thought we actually would. Even Abby loves it (at 3yrs old).

Happy New Year! 🙂

with lizzie’s RSV, we’ve been pretty housebound- plus it’s cold!!!! so, we’re all about games right now, too…have you seen the i spy flash card game? greatness!!! it’s about $5 at target- plus, the kids can run it themselves once they know it or teach friends.

Sarah, I love this. I have been thinking similar thoughts about the coming year, especially since I know I’ll be busier than ever before. There will be more to do, which means I need MORE stillness and MORE time engaged with my kids (and husband!).

I love that…being present is so on my heart too. I love your goal of playing two board games a week. That really inspired me to set a goal or two like that with my boys. 🙂

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