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Monday Ain’t so Bad

Posted on: October 31, 2011

It’s Monday. Typically I am not a fan of Mondays. You know, since it’s the ruiner of the weekend and all. But this Monday is an exception.

Julia went to school today in her pajamas. And it isn’t because I am that kind of mom {though I am}, but because they are having a pajama party today.

Then I realized, if Julia gets to spend the day in her pjs, shouldn’t Hannah and I also?!

Take that Monday!

8 Responses to "Monday Ain’t so Bad"

Excellent! It has to be fair 🙂 Jackson is still in his pajamas while I am running around cleaning the house!

I love it! We did that most of Saturday as every one wasn’t feeling very good. Hope the rest of your week goes awesome as well!

Love it! Hmmm…this must mean it’s Monday for me most days! 🙂


Yay! PJs! Wish I was still in mine. But still going to nap…

Cute!! What a great idea!!

Sounds like a wonderful way to redeem Monday. You look beautiful!

Oh all of you all look so adorable! What a fun way to spend a Monday!

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