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Let All That I Am Wait – Friday Joy

Posted on: October 28, 2011

“My sister has been 3-4 cm dialated for weeks.”

“I’m hoping you don’t deliver until 11/11/11.”

“Ha! That baby’s not coming soon. Watch, you’ll be five days late.”

Twice last weekend, I started having regular contractions. When I woke up early Sunday morning with contractions every 3-4 minutes, I just knew Joseph was coming. But he didn’t. I’ve been reluctant to write about it, or frankly even share it with friends, because my heart just hasn’t be in the right place.

As my EDD rapidly approaches, people’s words become arrows that pierce my heart. Jokes about being late hurt. Stories of moms who started labor time and time again before actually going into active labor hurt. My heart hurts. With a million other true pains in the world, mine seems so trivial, but it’s where I am. Longing for this race to be done and to finally meet my son.

I woke up in the middle of the night, unable to settle back into sleep. I opened my Bible and read ::

Let all that I am wait quietly before God, for my hope is in him. O my people, trust in him at all times. Pour out your heart to him, for God is our refuge.” Psalm 62:5&8 {NLT}

I poured out my heart. I hid away in my God, for He IS my refuge.

It might be a long week. It might be a long two weeks. But I am choosing to put my trust in the Lord and wait quietly in Him.

What’s your Friday Joy? 

9 Responses to "Let All That I Am Wait – Friday Joy"

Your heart is so true and writing about this is so encouraging to me. Even though I’m not pregnant, I can relate well to those emotions. I will be praying! 🙂

I was exactly where you was at 3-4 weeks ago. My EDD was on the 15th and my son actually had to be induced on the 13th because all my fluid was gone. My husband and I where so sure that he was going to be born 1-2 weeks early, and each passing day closer to my EDD was trying to stress me out.

For four weeks I was 3-4 cm dilated and on the 3rd, we was so close to heading out the door to the hospital, but my contractions never got stronger.

Before Joshua was born, my husband and I began to pray each evening mostly just to encourage ourselves that our son would be born in God’s own perfect timing and that we could trust in God for his perfect will to be for-filled in the birth of our baby.

I didn’t give birth the way I wanted to but I’m thankful that I had my faith put in God and that put me at peace during the whole last few weeks before my son’s birthday up until the day after he was born.

Count your blessing each day and your son will be here before you know it. I pray that God will give you peace and comfort during this time, the kind that surpasses all understanding.

Hang in there, Sarah! Thanks for sharing your heart and the verses!!! When is your actual EDD? I have forgotten! 🙂 Our oldest son came November 15. I won’t tell you when he was actually due! Psalm 139:16 is a comforting verse that the Lord knows all the days of our lives!

Hang in there sweet mama! It may be helpful to remember that you can never get these days back…the days of carrying your son in your womb. I remember exactly what you are going through. You can do it!

He’ll be here when he’s ready! Best wishes!!!

Little Joseph will arrive in God’s perfect timing. I think He must have led you to that scripture, because He loves you so much and knows your heart. Praying for you, my sweet friend.


Thank you so much for sharing your heart Sarah! God loves you and will cover you in grace until the end of this pregnancy, but girl I can almost feel your pain. Of course, not fully because it is yours and not mine. Have a great weekend with your family!

Hang in there! I was a week late with my second kiddo and it was the Longest. Week. of. my. Life. The only fun part was when people asked me when I was due I could tell them “a couple days ago” and then watch the expression on their faces. (I was due on a Sunday and went to church that day and it was real fun to answer that question very nonchalantly, “Today.” Ha!) Waiting for a baby is rough because its the only major life transition that you know is coming, but don’t know exactly when it will happen (unlike a wedding or something similar.)

Isn’t the Lord so very faithful to always meet us where we need Him!

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