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In Everything Give Thanks

Posted on: October 26, 2011

My friend, Leah, told me about this one woman’s photography challenge of taking a photo a day during November of all the things she is grateful for. While I’m not quite up to the task of posting everyday once Joseph is born, I thought it was a really awesome idea to post some pictures throughout November. In fact, I thought I should even get started now.

– I’m thankful for this festive mug I stumbled across at Hobby Lobby. Every time I see it, I smile and remember to give thanks in everything.

4 Responses to "In Everything Give Thanks"

That’s awesome! I need something with a saying like that around the house. I loved Leah’s ideas as well and am hoping a can put them into practice at least at a smaller level. Have a great November! Thinking about the month makes me think of you and pray that things go well!

What a great idea! I will look forward to seeing the photos you post 🙂

So cute! Have you read the book Choosing Gratitude by Nancy Leigh DeMoss? It is a great one! I am just about done with it!

I agree what a great idea! I really like your mug!!

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