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Hannah’s First Day of Preschool

Posted on: February 2, 2012

Yesterday was Hannah’s first day of preschool. She started the two-days a week program at the same church where Julia has been going since last fall. Since Julia started “school” Hannah has been talking about going non-stop. While we do educational things at home when Julia is gone, I’ve certainly dropped the teacher ball after Joseph’s birth. To have the opportunity for Hannah to learn in a play-based way is going to be so great for her.

This photo says so much about my sweet girls’ relationship. Hannah, despite her spit fire personality, really does look up to Julia a lot. And Julia, ever the comforter, really does a great job of watching of Hannah.

Once we got to school, Hannah was a little miffed that she wasn’t going to class with Julia. She kept insisting that she was also four years old and needed to be with Julia and her friends. But, her teachers helped distract her with all the fun toys and games they had. As I left the building, I sneaked a quick peek in her room and she was playing and all happy.

When she came home, she was a ball of excitement with all the wonderful things she’d learned and done. She just loves her teachers and is so excited to finally be at school with her big sister and two neighbor friends.

It’s a bittersweet time now. I love that Hannah is getting to participate in such a great program. I love that Hannah and Julia have another way to bond. And I love being just with Joseph. But it’s a bit sad to see my sweet little Hannah growing up so quickly. She’s turning 3 {THREE!!} in just a few more months. How in the world did that happen? :sigh:

What adventures have you, or your children, had this week?

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12 Responses to "Hannah’s First Day of Preschool"

What a sweet photo of the girls, what a wonderful bond. We’re really praying that for our kids, that Archer would comfort and protect little sister.

I’m so glad they are both in the program and you get some time with Mr. Joseph, but can see how it would be bittersweet. The mere thought of preschool makes me teary haha.

Oh man, if I think about how they’re growing up so fast it makes me a complete cry baby.

What an adorable pictures. I can’t believe how big they both are getting!!

They are growing TOO. FAST. Wow. I love hearing your reports of how excited Hannah was to be joining her big sister! And I hope you get some AWESOME 1:1 time with your cute little boy, even though the whole thing is bittersweet (totally understand that!).

Even having just the one day with Joseph was amazing. Just getting to snuggle him and kiss on him without distractions was so awesome.

Your girls are so cute! What a fun time. It’s blog posts like these that give me the kiddo fever…

super sweet! A & D are going to school together as well this yr. Adeline will be too old next yr, so D will go solo. I’m hoping that will be a smooth transition.

So sweet. Love her sign too. Mine is 4 and we do preschool at home. Since I am pregnant, I have been slacking more than I wanted to. This week, we did buy a numbers app for the iPad and got a new beginning phonics work book. So I am back! 🙂

I absolutely love this photo! So precious. I love to see how your girls interact with each other. 🙂

Happy first day of preschool for Hannah! She sounds just my 2nd born girl. =) When is her birthday? My younger one’s bday is May, turning 3!!

They are so adorable! I’m so glad Hannah loved preschool!

Oh I agree what an adorable picture! Your girls are really growing and are such sweeties!!

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