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When You Lose Your Running Mojo

Posted on: February 1, 2012

For about two weeks, every time I ran I felt defeated. There wasn’t anything that went wrong necessarily, but by the end of each run I was either physically or mentally exhausted.

Having a bad run can throw off my mental game. And that can set me up for really not enjoying running like I want. When that happens, I have to throw in a few tricks to get my running mojo back.

How I keep running when I feel like I hate it ::

1. Short runs – I don’t want to face a long  run on the heels of a bad training week. Instead I take a couple of short runs to give myself a mental boost. Giving yourself a shorting goal can help you feel accomplished and act as a cheerleader to help you refocus.

2. Fast runs – Just like short runs, having a fast run can really boost your confidence. Shorten your distance and run at just above your normal pace. It’ll get your heart rate up and allow feel good endorphins to kick in.

3. Fun runs – There are certain routes by my house that I dread taking. You’d immediately think they are hilly or extra long, but they aren’t. What I dislike is that they are flat and out of the hussle and bussle of everything, making it boring. While boring runs are inevitable, I try avoiding boring routes to keep running fun.

After combining those three tactics the last week and a half has made for some great training and given me back the joy of running.

How do you keep running fun? Running groups, new routes or upbeat music?


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5 Responses to "When You Lose Your Running Mojo"

it is had to keep running fun… I don’t un in groups, I usually change routes to keep it interesting…

Can I just tell you, I have totally lost my running mojo since my half marathon? I’m so mad at myself! I’ve run more than a few times, but nothing regular. So I’ve decided I need to find a race (more than likely another half-marathon) to sign up for which will force me to get back into the groove. I’m thinking part of the problem is that I love to run outdoors and since the PA temps have dropped so drastically and some days we have snow, ice, or monsoon rains, I’ve been staying indoors a lot. I can always run on the treadmill at the gym, but that just seems like pure torture. So I’ve failed to keep my running mojo and I desperately want it back. I’d love to find some fresh new ideas to get me active again. I can even feel it in my emotional state and overall mood. Running is so good for me. I really need it to be a regular activity in my week.

This is great advice Sarah, I’m glad you got your groove back! Whenever I used to stall out I’d just push through and run while miserable or give up, obviously not good tactics. To get myself motivated it’s always good to sign up for a race. Thanks for sharing your experience you’re doing great, keep it up!

Have I ever told you how much you inspire me? Running isn’t my favorite of exercises, but every time I read one of these posts from you, I feel more inspired to get back to my fitness routine. I love your advice!

Awww, Jodi, that makes me really happy! Having been someone who isn’t too in love with running, I totally want to inspire people to want to run. So I’m really glad you feel inspired. 🙂

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