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Goodbye Great White Van – The End of an Era

Posted on: February 6, 2012

This weekend, after nearly five years of service, we sold our minivan The Great White.

For the last year or so, we’ve been considering the possibility of retiring Great White for a newer model. Being 14 years old, Great White has seen better days and is starting to cost more than she’s worth.

Last summer, we received an offer on her from a family in South Texas. We called them this last weekend and sold them Great White. They plan to repair her and use her as their newest family car.

In Great White’s place, we bought a new to us Kia Sedona. A pretty blue color, the Sedona features some updated bells and whistles {automatic sliding doors and a sunroof to boot}. Admittedly, I’m not a minivan lover, but three kids and a big dog deep and you’re committed to a minivan {not that I haven’t tried fitting our family in other options, nothing else seems to work}.

Here’s to the next five+ years as a minivan driving mama!

5 Responses to "Goodbye Great White Van – The End of an Era"

What a fun transition! I admit that I never thought I’d want/drive a minivan, but I would LOVE to add one at this point… Funny how things change 😉

Goodbye Great White, sounds like she’s been good to you! Hope the Sedona provides many memories too. I’m really not for vans either but we’ll see what the future holds. My concern in Seattle is driving anything too big because I’m a terrible parker. But, you make it totally cool!

PS Looking good momma!

Can I just say that you look fab?!

Katie and Emily – Y’all are too sweet. Thank you! 🙂

Katie – I hear ya on parking. Surprisingly, I’ve gotten so use to driving a big van that parking has become easier.

congrats!! I’ve heard that mini-van is a really great one! Also, You are beautiful. love that photo 🙂

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