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With great confidence, I knew what we were going to name Julia and Hannah. In fact, Julia was “named” 3+ years before she was born. And Hannah was named while we were still pregnant with Julia. Their middle names did give us some trouble, but even so, they seemed so much easier than trying to name Baby Boy.

Baby Boy. It has a sweet ring to it, huh? And while I don’t mind referring to him as Baby Boy, it turns out that the government does actually want you to give your child a name once they are born. You know, so they can be registered as person and all. Which means, we really should come up with a name other than Baby Boy.

And so we have ::

Joseph Windham. Sounds sweeter than Baby Boy, don’t ya think?

Joseph was Hannah’s “boy name” choice. We had others in the running, but once we decided on Joseph, we kept a pretty tight lid on it. Then when we got pregnant with Baby Boy, Joseph surfaced again. Joseph means “Jehovah increases“. Aside from the Biblical aspect of the name, my brother Fletcher’s first name is Joseph.

Come the next 6weeks, when Baby Boy Joseph makes his way into this world, he’ll have a name. Albeit, just a first name, since we still can’t decide on a middle name….

What’s your Friday Joy?

It’s been an emotionally draining week for me. I wish I had a reason, other than being 8 months pregnant, but I don’t. I told Jonathan yesterday my tank is empty, especially with being around other people. Jonathan took the girls on his own to our church small group, while I stayed home to recharge. I read through Luke, and meditated on Christ’s words. It was healing and good for my soul. I was reminded of all the little blessings that make up my life.


Wearing a cardigan in the morning, because it’s only 62 degrees.

Sleeping with the windows open.

Spending the morning at the park.

Receiving hilarious emails from Jonathan that lighten my mood.

Text messaging with friends who don’t live nearby.

Having quiet time under the stars.


When I step back, there are so many things I have to be grateful for. Sadly, I often over look them, because I’m too busy focusing on the things that aren’t going right. But, it’s the simple joys that make up a really good day. And a really good life.


What is your Friday Joy?

It’s 7:30 and both my girls are still asleep. Both. This never happens. I’m taking the extra quiet this morning to have a little time to myself. Let’s see how long this lasts.

{Shhhhh…. Don’t wake the kids}

Last weekend we drove down to South Padre Island, Texas. While our trip had been planned for a while, I hadn’t told many people just because I wanted it to feel more like a getaway. Granted no trip with a 3-yo and 2-yo will really feel like a getaway, it was still very nice sitting back on the beach with our only worry being what time we eat.

Beautiful, huh?

The girls had a blast. When we first arrived, we had several hours before our hotel check in. We went straight to the beach {without swimsuits} and this is what happened ::

Completely clothed, the girls jumped right on into the water. They loved having the waves crash over them and digging their little toes into the sand. I’m certain it is a memory that will stay with them for years.

Jonathan’s birthday is tomorrow. While he said he doesn’t want to do anything major, we do have some fun events planned. This morning we’re headed for Marble Falls, Texas to visit the Southern Living Idea Home. While that might not sound as awesome as it is, you should totally check out their virtual tour. Then you’ll understand. Tonight we’re going to see musician David Rameriz perform. It’s a live recording of his next album, so will be doubly good. Saturday I have some neat little surprises for him {did you read that Jonny?}.

Our family still has the entire weekend and Monday with Jonathan at home. It’s been so nice and relaxing just being at the house with no real agenda and extra family time.

What are your Friday Joys?

The last two weeks, I’ve been getting up early to start my day off right. The first day the girls slept till their normal time of 6:30/6:45. Every day since, they woke up within 10 minutes of me. Sigh.

But even with the added company to my wish-it-were-silent mornings, it’s been really good for me to start my morning off early. These early mornings have allowed me to take my time, rather than feeling rushed and overwhelmed. And so I can sit down and leisurely drink my coffee, check my emails and enjoy what the day presents.

What’s your Friday Joy? Do you enjoy early mornings and leisurely sipping your coffee?


Today marks 25 weeks of Baby Boy’s life. Amazing. In just a mere 15{ish} weeks, he will be here in all his infant cuteness.

Baby Boy has been quite active. And perhaps the old wives tale is proving true that boys sit lower, because Baby Boy’s kicks, punches, and moves are all quite a bit lower than his sisters’ ever were. Rarely does he make his way up into my rib cage area {unlike two other little ones I know}.

As each day passes, I get more and more excited about having Baby Boy here with us outside of my womb. He even already has his first outfit {a Nike sweatsuit… just guess who bought that} and the girls and I picked out a cute little touch and feel truck book at our library’s book sale. Before we know it, he’ll be here!

What is your Friday joy? 

This week has been crazy. Tuesday was spent recovering from traveling to DFW and getting the girls back on a real schedule, cause the one they wanted was not working.

Then I had the chance to show a lot of grace to Hannah has she started having more and more potty accidents.

But, even in the challenging parts, Julia started swimming on her own – which was completely awesome.

And I realized, joy doesn’t mean life will be easy, or flawless, or even fun. Joy simply means that there will be a deep love of life that can’t be fully explained or defined. It will be there when your child pees on the living room floor. It will be there when you are battling bad attitudes at 6 am. It will be there when your child swims to you for the very first time. Joy is life. Joy is allowing struggles to mingle with triumph. Joy is knowing that at the end of the day, love is what matters. Not clean floors. Not perfect children. Just love.

What brought you joy this week? 

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