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3-Day Weekends, Family and Friends – Friday Joy

Posted on: July 1, 2011

My house is clean, it’s a three day weekend, I’m snacking on some chocolate chip bread and I’m getting my hair cut and styled {in the middle of the day} while a friend watches the girls.

Need I say more about my Friday Joy?

Well, I will.

We are heading up to DFW on Sunday to spend a little time with the Atwoods. And Monday? Monday I get to finally, in real life, meet Katie {from Hageration}. We both lived in Austin, went to UT and probably crossed paths a dozen times, but never knew each other until the last 1+, when Katie found my blog. Now she’s back in the great state of Texas {amen} to visit family. So I’m crashing her vacation. 😉

Until then, our family is going to be hanging out in Austin, perhaps visiting Volente Beach or just spending extra time at the pool.


What is your Friday Joy? What are your weekend plans?

4 Responses to "3-Day Weekends, Family and Friends – Friday Joy"

oh my word! SO cool that you have such a wonderful Friday going on. 🙂 Not to mention that you get to hang out with Katie…Even though I don’t know either of you in person, I think you both are great and bet you’ll have a fabulous time! 🙂

Sounds like a wonderful day! and weekend! Enjoy! {I wish my house was clean! Maybe if I’d walk away from this crazy laptop for the afternoon I could actually enjoy a clean house for the weekend! 🙂 }

What a great weekend! We enjoyed every minute we got to spend with you, Jon, and the girls. Hopefully, I’ll get a post on our meet up soon. And my Friday/week joys was coming to Texas!!!!

Oh sounds like you have had lots of fun! Look forward to seeing your new hair cut!!

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