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Friday, Oh Friday, Joy, Oh Joy

Posted on: May 27, 2011

This week has been a fun, crazy, wonderful week. Aside from missing Jonathan something crazy, the girls and I have had a blast being in Tennessee with my family. Here are some highlights:

– Amazing food {that I didn’t cook}

– Spending loads of time with my sweet family

– Eating a Hot Fudge Chocolate Cake from Shoney’s {don’t knock it till you’ve tried it!}

But the best is yet to come….

– My best friend {all the way back from high school!} is getting married this weekend!

So, I’m heading to Chicago {all by myself} to spend the weekend with Carrie and to celebrate her newest, and best, chapter of her life.

What are your Friday Joys?

7 Responses to "Friday, Oh Friday, Joy, Oh Joy"

How cool! Have a blast in Chicago!

Sounds like a fun week, but sad to miss Jon.

I didn’t realized you were off to Chicago alone, have a wonderful time! Can’t wait to see photos!

and my joy is looking forward to church mom’s group discussion about children being a blessing. ALL the time-which is a good reminder to me after the week we had.

So fun! I love weddings, especially old friend’s out-of-town weddings! Have a fun getaway weekend!

We’re packing for a wedding as well….

Sounds like a lot of fun Katie and Anne! Enjoy your weekend!!!

Have fun in Chi-town!! Congrats to your friend! 🙂

Wow sounds like you have been really busy! Have fun in Chicago and one of these days when you come back to Tennessee lets see if you Sarah, Laryssa and I can get together and have lunch.

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