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A Season of Life, Or, Why I’m Quitting My Blog

Posted on: September 26, 2012

I’m not even sure where to begin, it feels so long since I have last written.

Life is busy.

Jonathan is working and traveling. A lot. Then toss in his MBA program.

I’ve started an amazing theological/seminary class through our church. It is crazy, and awesome, and totally kicking my butt.

Plus, there’s the whole, training for three major races thing.

Oh, and the kids. Let’s not forget the 3 kids under 5.

I don’t say all this to somehow make my life seem harder, busier, or more stressful than yours.

It’s not really. 

In fact, it’s really good. Really crazy and challenging, but good.

I tell you all this, because, life is busy. And because of that I’ve been pretty silent.

Sadly, I don’t see that changing. As much as I love this little blog I’ve created, as much as I love the friendships I’ve made, the lives I’ve touched and the ways I’ve grown through it, something has to give. And for now, blogging is it.

I have realized – I could keep writing, keep cranking out content. But it wouldn’t be from the heart. It wouldn’t be what I really want to say. It wouldn’t be what you really want to read. It would just end up being words on a screen. And I don’t want that.

For a while, I carried some guilt for not writing. Like there was a level of expectation set and I was failing to meet it. But that’s not true. I know that. You know that.

So for now, my sweet, dear, friends, I’m saying good night. I’m going to put Loved Like the Church to sleep for a now. I’m going to focus on this new season our family is heading into. And hopefully, one day not too long from now, I’ll be back, sharing my life with all of you again.

8 Responses to "A Season of Life, Or, Why I’m Quitting My Blog"

Obviously I am sad, but I totally, completely understand! I’m so glad that life is good busy for you and that putting the blog to sleep will allow you more freedom, less guilt. I hope we can keep in touch via facebook, email or IG because I hope we get to meet in person one day soon. Until then, I will miss reading your blog posts, but I’m really glad for you!

I am soooo proud of you daughter….

Sometimes, you’ve just got to live your life–not document it for other people. I’ve loved reading your blog over the past few years, and will certainly read when you pick up writing in the future!

Oh Sarah, I’m so sad to see you stop writing, but I totally understand…and honestly, I’m teetering there myself. I will be covering you in prayer dear friend. And I will be sure to read again when I see your sweet smile back here in bloggy land. 🙂

enjoy this season!

I recently posted about setting blogging limits. It is important to our family and life to realize that blogging should not be the priority. Life is so short. We are entrusted with these kids for a little amount of time and I want to do it right. So I have cut back too. It was getting out of hand for me. Thank you for sharing this. I followed your blog in a reader so you didn’t hear from me much. But I will miss reading your blog. Great choice though!

I never responded to this? Crazy!!!

Sarah, I totally totally totally understand. I’ve backed way off of my previous blogging pace, as maybe you’ve noticed. The spaces of time just seem to have vanished.

But this is such a fun phase of life…I know you’re living it to the hilt…so enjoy!!! I love you. 🙂


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