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Run Mama, Run

Posted on: September 10, 2012

My sweet friend, Katie, sent me a text a few weeks back asking for a post on running with kids – “Like an exact schedule would be great!”. I didn’t tell her at the moment, but I think my current running schedule would make most novice runners cringe.

I have found, that living in Texas, having three kids, morning runs are the only way I can run outside from May-September. Morning runs mean I am up by 5:15 on Tuesdays/Thursdays and by 5:45 on Saturdays. I meet my running buddy{ies} at Town Lake, where we start running by 6 or 6:30. I think every person {and new moms especially} just collectively groaned at that schedule. It’s not easy. And the nights where I am up with Joseph, or the girls, several times, just to have to be up by 5:15, are brutal. But, I do it.

Sarah’s Current Running/Workout Schedule

Monday – Strength Training/Extended Stretching

Tuesday – 6 am run {5 miles}

Wednesday – Cross training/Cross Fit

Thursday – 6 am run {5 miles} followed by Cross Fit

Friday – Rest day

Saturday – 6:30 run {5+ mile long run}

Sunday – Cross training, or, Rest day

Keep in mind, I am actively training for a half marathon and prepping for a marathon {Even I get a little shiver thinking that my running will increase come October}. The mileage, and number of workouts, should not be that high if you’re just beginning.

While this is my current schedule, I’ll admit, there is no way in the world I would have started off with a schedule like that. I love running now, so I don’t mind the commitment. But when I first started running? Yeah, it was like a courtship – I needed running to woo me before I’d love it back.

My suggestion for new mom runners :: Be consistent. Find out what three days a week you can run {morning, afternoon, or evening} and get on a schedule. I find it easiest to run short distances during the week and long distances on the weekend. But maybe that’s not the case for you. Perhaps you have more time on a Tuesday than a Saturday. Plan your schedule accordingly. If you plan to run after your husband gets home from work, I suggest being in your workout clothes before he gets home as added motivation. If you plan to run before the family gets up for the day, I suggest having a running buddy. It’s a lot easier to wake up at 5:30 am when someone is depending on you. Finally, if you plan to run in the afternoon, be mindful of the heat/sun. If you are taking your kids with you, be sure you bring extra water for them as well as yourself.

Mamas need to exercise. It helps us clear our heads, gives us energy, and sets a wonderful example to our children. It’s not always easy to start running, but you will always be thankful that you did it.

Remember — It doesn’t matter when you run or how far you run. It only matters that you run. Choose your three days and stick to them.


*Disclaimer: All tactics/tips are my own personal opinions and not medically backed. Please seek medical advice before starting any running program.

7 Responses to "Run Mama, Run"

i am so impressed with your schedule! as soon as i am cleared by my midwives, i plan to start training for a 5K in the fall. luckily, there is a great park with a 1.2 mile loop about 3 minutes from Adam’s pre-school. Any suggestions on sports bras and nursing?

clarification – i’ll be running with dylan in the jogging stroller and will most likely need to nurse along the way… suggestions on what types of sports bras to get?

Debi – that’s awesome that there is a track nearby! That will be a great way to start your training.

As for sports bras – I highly recommend Under Armour High Impact bra. It has a front zipper, so it makes it easy to access for nursing. Plus it holds the ladies in without the uni-boob effect. I’ve tried several other brands {lululemon included} and UA was by far the best fit in my opinion.

Whew girl, what a routine! I think you’re golden for the marathon, I ran 3 with schedules that included less. My babies, like yours, are early risers and 515 is kind of normal at haus hager. My current excuse/challenge is if I don’t nurse penny when she wakes(which isn’t at a terribly predictable time) she is furious so if she’s gets up and fed get out the door in the morning but if not I don’t. I want to run and exercise but it feels so hard and hopeless (today). But, I’m going to keep on trying and might just go after chris gets home today. To me that scenrio seems way harder than waking early because, as all mommas know, by the end of day I’m exhausted.

Thank you for sharing this!

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