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Happy birthday, Joseph Judea!

Posted on: November 4, 2012

One year ago today, we welcomed our precious, wonderful Joseph into our family.

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown. Bringing Joseph into our fold has been a healing, beautiful process for me. I’ve been pretty honest about my rough transition into motherhood. It wasn’t a natural process for me, and I struggled with guilt for years because of that. But when God brought us Joseph, I found myself falling in love, not just with my son, but with my daughters and motherhood itself.

Joseph {Joe Joe, Joseph Jude, J Jude},

Sweet, sweet boy. You are loved beyond anything I have ever seen. Your sisters dote on you constantly. Your daddy thinks the world of you. And your mama? Well, I am overly smitten. You are such a good, sweet boy. A complete joy to be around – you are always smiling, laughing and enjoying life to it’s fullest. You are happiest when you are in the middle of everything. Delighted to chase after your sisters, you are determined that while you may be the littlest in size you will certainly not be left behind. I have no doubt that you will pave a path for yourself in this crazy world. Having a boy brings such a new dynamic to our very girl centric world. You could stay outside all day, every day. Much like Jack, you see the front door open and bolt. I love your already budding adventurous self, but it makes me nervous too. You don’t seem to want to communicate with many word, but that doesn’t mean you don’t know a lot. Especially “sisters/sissy”. Whenever I get you up from your bed and I ask you “Do you want to see sisters?” you immediately worm down to the floor and say “sisssss, sisssss” and scurry as quickly to them as you can. You’ll say a few words like “papa and Jack”. Sadly, though, you’re a little stinker and still don’t say “mama”. Yet you make up for not saying my name with making me your favorite cuddle partner. So all is forgiven.

I could go on all day with how wonderful you are – just ask anyone who is around you. But, more than anything, I want you to know that you are created to serve a God who deserves all your praise. As a man, you will certainly face challenges that bring you to your knees. And I want you to know, that in those dark moments, in the times that you aren’t smiling, aren’t laughing, aren’t innocent and sweet, Christ loves you. He cares for you, longs for you, died for you. It is my prayer {as well as your daddy’s} that you walk all your days praising your Father and Lord; that as you face this world, you face it with a faith that is firmly rooted in Truth. And that you realize, as much as we love you, it is nothing compared to how God loves you.

Stay sweet, gentle and loving my baby boy.


Your smitten mama

2 Responses to "Happy birthday, Joseph Judea!"

Awww…Happy birthday Joseph! I feel very similarly the third child around. Very glad to be falling in love with my kids and mothering!

I think we both have been “healed” by our 3rd children. Love sharing this day with you. 🙂

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