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Happy Birthday, Julia Mabel!

Posted on: November 23, 2012

Five years ago, on this exact day {Black Friday}, my life was turned upside down. My sweet and beautiful daughter, Julia Mabel, was born.

Five years is such a short time. And yet it’s forever. I remember life before Julia, but it is fuzzy and distant. I do remember this – life before Julia wasn’t nearly as beautiful.

Julia {Jules, Mabel, Mabes},

Precious, sweet, wonderful little girl. I’m not even sure where to begin this letter. Five years. Five, wonderful, heartwarming, challenging, God-graced years. You, my first born, are a gift. God has used you to shape me, to mold me, to refine me. You have shown me what it means to take time for others. You have shown me what it means to set aside my pride, to set aside my selfishness for the benefit of another. Not only because you demand it of me, but because I see it displayed in you. You are the best big sister Hannah and Joseph could ever ask for. You show them a love and loyalty that will unlikely be matched on this earth. Julia, you are amazing. One day you will read this letter {and at the rate you’re going, won’t be too long from now}, and I hope that you understand just how perfectly you fit into our family. Your energy that comes from your dad, your sensitivity that comes from me. The way you mesh with your sister and brother. No other person could ever fill your shoes.

You have a heart that is so loving and sweet. You are gentle and kind, a little mama to the core. And you are smart. Too smart sometimes. I love that you seriously think through decisions before you make them, always logical {you most certainly got that from your daddy}. Your passion for life is contagious. While you are cautious, you have an adventurous side that comes out when you feel supported. I pray I continue to be that support for you as you try so many adventures in your lifetime. And while I don’t know what your life will hold for you, it is my deepest desire that it always leads down the path to Christ. Above everything I pray that your life and heart are spent following Our Savior and Lord, because in Him you will always know your place.

I love you, I love you, I love you,


1 Response to "Happy Birthday, Julia Mabel!"

She is so beautiful in that picture Sarah! I miss that girl! Happy birthday Julia!

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