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Jack pretty much rocks the “awesome dog” category. Even in his laziness {i.e. sleeping on my bed 20 hours a day}, he has been the best family dog I could have ever asked for – which is saying a lot. He’s a gentle giant with Julia and Hannah, and has a faithfulness to our family that is unrivaled.

We love you Jack {aka, Brown Dog; Jacky; Jackson; Jackson Brackston}.

I have always loved animals. Even creepy crawly animals. Ok, ok, maybe I don’t love bugs, but I respect their life cycle and what they are made to do. But with out exception I love, love, love big dogs. Sure, I’ve come across some that are mean, a little scary, but mostly they are just big ole babies.

When we got our dog, Jack, nearly four years ago, I fell in love fast. He was such a cute puppy.

Serious puppy cuteness

Now as a 90 pound lap down {I wish I was joking about the lap dog part} he is such a gentle giant with our girls. Which makes me love him even more. We all still refer to him as “puppy”, though he is clearly not.

As this week’s adventure, I took Jack and the girls to an off leash trail yesterday. It was so much fun, until…

Jack jumped in the creek.

I don’t know if you’ve ever smelled wet dog, but let me tell you, it ain’t good. And since Jack is a “lap dog” that sleeps on our couches and beds, he was in serious need of a bath before I let him roam the house.

Thankfully we have a pretty large tub, and Jack {being the awesome dog he is} actually didn’t put up a fight getting into the tub. He either stood or sat the entire time.

Here he is before his bath:

Not too thrilled, but being a good sport.

He never once tried jumping out and just sat there while the girls and I washed him.

Here he is post bath:

Can you tell he is a little spoiled?

To make up for the trauma, Jack got extra love from the family:

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College football is in full swing and we are keeping to my plan of actually watching games this year. I’ve seen more games this season then perhaps in the last 10 years {when the Titans first went to Tennessee}. It’s been a lot of fun actually, and I’m really excited about this Saturday’s Texas vs. Oklahoma game.

Jonathan and the girls survived their first weekend without mama this month. I think they might tell you they barely survived. The night I came home, Jonathan kept repeating “I’m so glad you’re home.” He has always been very appreciative of the work it takes for me being at home with the girls, but I think my time away made us both realize how important it is that we are in this together. It was good for all of us {perhaps me more than them ;)} and my time away made me love my time here even more.

Hannah has finally gotten all her teeth, which we’re hoping means less crankiness. She’s started talking more {besides just grunting} and will now say: Mama, Dada, Jack and Thank You. She’s also started signing: water, please and sometimes “more”. She doesn’t sign all the time, but will when prompted. It’s pretty cute to see her get really excited when she’s done it correctly and gets what she’s asked for.

Julia seems to be getting smarter by the minute. We are loosely doing preschool twice a week. I set aside time in the morning to go over shapes, colors, numbers and/or the alphabet. We have dry erase markers and books for her to “write her letters”. She really likes it and seems to enjoy the structure. Today we had “school” outside and learned all about fire hydrants and how they worked. She loved walking around the neighborhood and park pointing out all the fire hydrants.

I’ve had a really great month. My trip to New York, the change of the weather. It’s been a good September and makes me look forward to the next few months before winter hits.

And last {but not least} I feel I should mention Jack. I realize he hasn’t made it into any family pictures. It’s hard enough to wrangle to toddlers let alone a dog. But this month was a pretty big deal for Jack; he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. He went on some medication last week and already we can see an improvement in his energy. Now hopefully his hair will start coming back.

Jack turns 3 years old today. He has been an invaluable part of our family and we love him dearly.

Thanks for being such a great dog, Jack!


We’ve made it through 5 days of potty training with more success than failure! We’ve ventured out several times without any accidents. Wednesday night, on the way home from church she told us she needed to go potty. We had just passed the last gas station before getting on the interstate, so we pulled over and let her go in the grass. She thought it was a riot. I figure it’s good training for us on our trip to Nashville. Last night Jonathan and I went out on a date and dropped Julia off with some friends. On the way there she had an accident (which was more my fault – too rushed getting out the door before hand to remember to ask her to go) and then had an accident once she was there. But, hey, that’s okay. Also, today she started telling me again when she needs to go. Several months back she had been doing this, but then stopped. But since this morning she’s told me two or three times without being asked. Woot-woot!


Hannah had her 2 month appointment yesterday. She’s weighing in at 12 pounds! She hated the shots (obviously) but handling the aftermath like a champ. Yesterday I started her on no-swaddle during naps. This is a big deal in my mind. With Julia, she would never sleep without being swaddled, but would always manage to come unswaddled, thus waking up before she was really ready. But so far, Hannah has done well napping without the swaddle. Part of me thinks it might be in part to her sleeping with us at night – I usually unswaddle her when she’s in our bed and in the mornings she’s asleep in our bed for about an hour on her own, so the transition hasn’t been rough. I’m hopeful that Hannah will be napping and sleeping overnight unswaddled by four months (again – to most this might not be a big deal, but with me it’s HUGE!).


Jack is a dog. There’s not much to report, other than he’s gotten a little pudgy in the middle over the last few weeks. About 4 weeks ago, Jack got a nasty hot spot on his neck. The vet gave him some steroids, warning that they might make him more hungry/thirsty. Um, yeah, Jack is really hungry. All. The. Time. At first I was feeding him whenever he’d seem hungry – never a good idea. We’re back to his normal feeding schedule, but he’s still pudgy. But, I have to admit, it’s kinda cute. 😉

Not Julia. Jack.

Every morning Jack gets up to an hour (ok, ok, much longer most days!) to snuggle up in the bed covers.

Spoiled? Jack? Never!

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