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Random kiddo updates

Posted on: August 14, 2009


We’ve made it through 5 days of potty training with more success than failure! We’ve ventured out several times without any accidents. Wednesday night, on the way home from church she told us she needed to go potty. We had just passed the last gas station before getting on the interstate, so we pulled over and let her go in the grass. She thought it was a riot. I figure it’s good training for us on our trip to Nashville. Last night Jonathan and I went out on a date and dropped Julia off with some friends. On the way there she had an accident (which was more my fault – too rushed getting out the door before hand to remember to ask her to go) and then had an accident once she was there. But, hey, that’s okay. Also, today she started telling me again when she needs to go. Several months back she had been doing this, but then stopped. But since this morning she’s told me two or three times without being asked. Woot-woot!


Hannah had her 2 month appointment yesterday. She’s weighing in at 12 pounds! She hated the shots (obviously) but handling the aftermath like a champ. Yesterday I started her on no-swaddle during naps. This is a big deal in my mind. With Julia, she would never sleep without being swaddled, but would always manage to come unswaddled, thus waking up before she was really ready. But so far, Hannah has done well napping without the swaddle. Part of me thinks it might be in part to her sleeping with us at night – I usually unswaddle her when she’s in our bed and in the mornings she’s asleep in our bed for about an hour on her own, so the transition hasn’t been rough. I’m hopeful that Hannah will be napping and sleeping overnight unswaddled by four months (again – to most this might not be a big deal, but with me it’s HUGE!).


Jack is a dog. There’s not much to report, other than he’s gotten a little pudgy in the middle over the last few weeks. About 4 weeks ago, Jack got a nasty hot spot on his neck. The vet gave him some steroids, warning that they might make him more hungry/thirsty. Um, yeah, Jack is really hungry. All. The. Time. At first I was feeding him whenever he’d seem hungry – never a good idea. We’re back to his normal feeding schedule, but he’s still pudgy. But, I have to admit, it’s kinda cute. 😉

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