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Spoiled? Never!

Posted on: December 16, 2008

Not Julia. Jack.

Every morning Jack gets up to an hour (ok, ok, much longer most days!) to snuggle up in the bed covers.

Spoiled? Jack? Never!

4 Responses to "Spoiled? Never!"


Frieda sleeps in our bed every night. She loves to dive under the covers and curl up at our feet. It’s kind of ridiculous, but also too cute and cuddly to resist.

-Alicia S.

This is true, he may be spoiled to some. But I sure don’t mind kicking him off when it needs to be done. When he was a (little) puppy it was fun to snuggle. But now that the honeymoon has worn off, kicking that 90 pound mammoth off the bed is one of the highlights of my day. He’s just too funny. And he doesn’t seem to mind getting the boot and trying to jump right back on. Just so I can do it all over again. I love it!

How adorable! Abbie enjoys her snuggle time as well (although she only gets to do it when Bo is out of town). 😉

haha! i liked that jonathan described him as “90 pound mammoth” – that made me laugh! 🙂

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