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What I wish I had know six months ago – A letter

Posted on: December 20, 2008

Dear Sarah,

Right now the world is your oyster. Well, not really, but you feel like you’ve discovered some new amazing world-saving idea. Cloth diapers. Sure, they are great. There are some benefits that you will love. But let’s face it, you need to know the cold hard truth. Who better to lay it out for you then you yourself. Older (only a little) and wiser (actually, that’s debatable).

Here goes; When Julia starts pooping like a crazy woman, you will think cloth diapering is the stupidest thing ever. Seems hard to believe, because right now Julia’s digestive system is as it’s always been. This will change. And you will suffer the consequences. Thankfully you (or do I need to say “I”?) are stubborn as a mule, so despite daydreaming about stopping this insanity you will push forward. In fact, you will set your mind to clothing the need baby (which, I should for warn you, comes sooner than you think).

I know you have a pact with Jonathan that you two will not travel with cloth. But, you will. Rest assured, it will be easier than you think.

Always have a diaper handing when you go out. I cannot stress this enough.

Start buying all of Julia’s pants for six months older than she actually needs. The truth is, your daughter will have a ghetto booty thanks to cloth. I suppose she should live it up, since this will never be the case again.

This coming winter will be lots of fun. Julia will really enjoy playing in the snow, however, be aware she doesn’t like snow on her face. A word from the wise, layering in cloth = impossible. Don’t even try it. You will get half way through bundling Julia up before you will need to strip her down to put on a disposable so that all her clothes actually fit over her bottom.

It’s going to be an adventure. One that you will find yourself doing alone more than you know. Julia will get a couple of gnarly rashes, but you’ll find a trick for preventing them. Oh, and it turns out, Jonathan can’t really handle poopy cloth diapers. Who knew?


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