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Hook ’em hawks!

Posted on: September 3, 2010

I’m just gonna come clean and say: I know nothing about college football. It’s quite shameful, having gone to Texas and now living in Hawkeye country and still not having a clue about the game. But this year is going to be different – This year I’m going to watch college football.

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Being a Longhorn by blood but a Hawk by location, this new undertaking is going to be pretty hefty. Not only am I now going to start watching football, I’m going to be cheering on two teams. Guess it’s a good thing they are in different conferences {which is one more thing I really don’t understand}. I’ve made up a schedule for UT and Iowa, highlighting what I considered four must see games {UT vs. OU, A&M; UI vs. IaSt, OSU}. Please feel free to correct me on what I consider “must see”, since we all know I don’t actually know.

Here’s to blending teams and watching football for the game and not just the commercials!

Hook ’em horns and go hawks!

8 Responses to "Hook ’em hawks!"

Sounds fun! I didn’t realize why people get so into football until last year when I took my dad to a UI game for a late Father’s Day gift. It was so fun! Dexter isn’t a huge watch-sports-on-TV guy, but I think this season we’ll both feel a little wistful about not having TV on those Saturdays!

I am interested to hear the WHY behind this!

It’s hard being in a college town and really not being very interested in football. I feel kinda bad about it, like I’m acting all snotty or something. In Austin it’s wasn’t bad, because while I didn’t keep up with the team, if the game was on, I’d watch it. Nowadays I don’t even know who plays whom when. So, I guess the whole “why” is to be a little more cool and less like an outsider. 😉

The commercials only tend to be good during the Super Bowl anyway, so you’re covered there.

Would you watch Texas and Iowa State play? Granted, I’m slightly concerned about that game being a Cyclone fan, but it’s a game nonetheless.

Over the years, I’ve become a big football fan (college on Saturday, pro on Sunday)–I think just because my husband is such a fan and I like to enjoy it with him. Plus, I think football is one of the funner sports to watch (compared to baseball, which hubby likes but I find super boring). Tomorrow we’ll all be dressed in our Michigan shirts rooting for the Wolverines. Go Blue! 😉

Woo hoo! Jeremy and I both REALLY enjoy watching football. You’ll get a BIG kick out of impressing your husband with your new-found football knowledge. THAT is worth the study!

This almost inspired me to watch football, almost ; ) I actually don’t mind close or exciting games but have a hard time sitting through slower games. I always enjoy the big games though. I’m sure it will be fun to follow the local team and UT. Are there any other UT fans in IC? I’ve enjoyed hosting game parties with all the Austinites in Seattle. That way I’m a part of the game but don’t necessarily have to watch the whole thing, wait that’s against your goal haha.

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