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Happy Labor Day – Sharing My Birth Stories

Posted on: September 6, 2010

Amy of Amy’s Finer Things is hosting a link up of birth stories in honor of Labor Day. Cute idea, huh?

After both girls were born, I wrote their birth stories. Check them out below:

Julia Mabel – Born in November 2007, and I really had no clue what to expect from labor. Which might have been a good thing.

Hannah Michelle – Born in June 2009. I thought with Hannah that things were going to go smoother, faster and that I was going to handle it like a pro. Well, I didn’t.

In some ways, I have worn “going natural” like a badge of honor when it comes to the girls’ birth stories. And I really do think it is something I am very proud of {and should be proud of}. However, I have realized that all women who give birth deserve metals. It’s no easy task, watching your body morph over 9+ months and then being thrust into mamahood. The labor part is different for everyone {and every child}, but it is a beautiful experience to behold.

My hats off to you mamas out there! Celebrate your Labor Day!

2 Responses to "Happy Labor Day – Sharing My Birth Stories"

Just read both stories–you are awesome, Sarah! These are such sweet (and HUGE) moments in our lives.

Sarah, with only 10wks away to give birth to baby #3 I SO enjoyed reading this! thank you. my fear of needing to push and not being able to is actually my greatest fear for baby #3. I felt it w/Darton once I got to a 7 (when is when we arrived at the hospital) and I received an epidural at that pt b/c I just gave up. There’s no drug dependence this time though since we are having #3 at a midwife clinic! needless to say I’ve been doing lots of reading on preparing myself and getting to know my body.

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