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I’m just gonna come clean and say: I know nothing about college football. It’s quite shameful, having gone to Texas and now living in Hawkeye country and still not having a clue about the game. But this year is going to be different – This year I’m going to watch college football.

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Being a Longhorn by blood but a Hawk by location, this new undertaking is going to be pretty hefty. Not only am I now going to start watching football, I’m going to be cheering on two teams. Guess it’s a good thing they are in different conferences {which is one more thing I really don’t understand}. I’ve made up a schedule for UT and Iowa, highlighting what I considered four must see games {UT vs. OU, A&M; UI vs. IaSt, OSU}. Please feel free to correct me on what I consider “must see”, since we all know I don’t actually know.

Here’s to blending teams and watching football for the game and not just the commercials!

Hook ’em horns and go hawks!

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