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Jack Dog and Bath Time – This Week’s Adventure

Posted on: January 6, 2011

I have always loved animals. Even creepy crawly animals. Ok, ok, maybe I don’t love bugs, but I respect their life cycle and what they are made to do. But with out exception I love, love, love big dogs. Sure, I’ve come across some that are mean, a little scary, but mostly they are just big ole babies.

When we got our dog, Jack, nearly four years ago, I fell in love fast. He was such a cute puppy.

Serious puppy cuteness

Now as a 90 pound lap down {I wish I was joking about the lap dog part} he is such a gentle giant with our girls. Which makes me love him even more. We all still refer to him as “puppy”, though he is clearly not.

As this week’s adventure, I took Jack and the girls to an off leash trail yesterday. It was so much fun, until…

Jack jumped in the creek.

I don’t know if you’ve ever smelled wet dog, but let me tell you, it ain’t good. And since Jack is a “lap dog” that sleeps on our couches and beds, he was in serious need of a bath before I let him roam the house.

Thankfully we have a pretty large tub, and Jack {being the awesome dog he is} actually didn’t put up a fight getting into the tub. He either stood or sat the entire time.

Here he is before his bath:

Not too thrilled, but being a good sport.

He never once tried jumping out and just sat there while the girls and I washed him.

Here he is post bath:

Can you tell he is a little spoiled?

To make up for the trauma, Jack got extra love from the family:

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8 Responses to "Jack Dog and Bath Time – This Week’s Adventure"

Oh my gosh…those blue eyes when he was a puppy! Killer!

He looks like a sweet, gentle soul. 😀

Oh my gracious, how precious!! Oreo thinks he’s a lapdog and he’s only 50 pounds! I can’t imagine having 90 pounds curled up in my lap, haha!

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Alicia – I know, he was such a lovable pup! And he can do these really sad eyes that make you give in to whatever he wants! 🙂

Rach – He’s getting better, so that now he’ll only lay part way on us, because he’s learned he can’t put his full weight on the girls. But it’s still a lot of dog to have sitting in my lap! But I love it!

Ooh…this reminds me of when Fitz jumped in this puddle in the middle of the dog park. We could tell he was headed for it, so we ran across the park yelling his name, throwing tennis balls to try to get him to stop. But he ran in and laid down. It had been there for a long time and was super stinky, muddy water. We made him swim in the dog park pond and then drove him home for a bath.

Glad he was so obedient for you! Chasing down a wet, 90 lb dog doesn’t sound like a good time!

Ohmigosh I can see why you loved him quickly- puppy goodness and great that he treats the girls gently. Sweet Jack!

Ellie is still a little pouty about Archer but he’s getting more interested in her and she enjoys the attention, now if only I can get him to stop jerking on her facial hair.

He is so cute! What a sweet looking face.It is obvious that he is very loved.

I wish Pax had Jack’s good bath behavior! We have some funny memories of trying to bathe him. All in all, he probably doesn’t get bathed as often as he should…

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