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A Blue Front Door – Try New Adventure

Posted on: March 7, 2012

Since moving into our house, we’ve been talking about painting our front door. The biggest struggle was figuring out what color we wanted to use. Then about two weeks ago, I saw this ::

{photo credit}

I knew, just knew, that we needed to paint our door blue. After narrowing down our choices from 15+ paint options to 6, we finally went with this ::

I sanded and washed down the door. Then I spent Tuesday afternoon/evening painting and putting on new hardware. All. By. Myself. I am woman, hear my roar. I’ve never painted a door and I’ve never used exterior paint. I was pretty surprised at how quickly the paint dried, which made the process go much faster than I expected. Putting together the hardware proved to be the most time consuming. But with drill in hand, I got the dead bolt and lever installed with only a few hiccups along with way.

In person the color pops and is beautiful. Beautiful. And I love it.

But Jonathan isn’t a fan. He thinks it’s too bright and pops too much and doesn’t go with all the green around the outside. He wants to go with a darker blue {think navy blue}. Sorry to throw you under the blog bus babe, but, dear readers, here’s where you can help…

Do you think the color is too bright? 

We’ve agreed to leave the color for at least a month until I can add in some accents to make the colors flow together more. Until then, give me your honest opinion…

Should we stay with this color?

Visit Alicia at Alicia’s Homemaking for more Try New Adventures Thursday. 

Disclaimer :: I want to clarify that Jonathan and I aren’t  fighting about the door color. Any arguing points {which I wouldn’t even call it an arguing, but rather differing opinions} are all in good fun. It’s a door, after all.  

19 Responses to "A Blue Front Door – Try New Adventure"

Ooo the color is beautiful but I tend to go toward more pop! Chris, like Jonathan, doesn’t. I’d say a few accents would really help even it out for those that don’t enjoy a big bang of color. I know you’re probably not showing more of the house for safety/anonymity but I think seeing more could be helpful. Plus, navy is booor-ing (hehe kidding). Ooo maybe adding colored shutters would be good, but I’m sure that’s expensive.

YES! Definitely keep it! I love how the blue looks with the house and the natural greens from outside 🙂

Navy is awfully….safe? I’m not one for exotic colors, but I think this bright blue looks lovely. Add some flowers/a wreath and you’re in business!
And yes…shutters would be very cool!
Sorry Jonathan…

I have to side with Jonathan. I like the blue door in the inspiration picture better, it’s more of a teal blue, so would maybe be a compromise between bright and navy? Although I am looking forward to seeing what it looks like after adding in some accents.

The funny thing is – the color I wanted was pretty much the same as the inspiration color, and the one we choose was Jonathan’s pick. Ha! I do have some ideas bouncing around to add some accents to help it out. I’ll post again once I do.

I am dying to paint my door the inspiration door color ! Do you know what color it is ? It would look beautiful on my house I think !

Great job! I’m totally impressed. I’m not sure I’d know where to begin with the hardware. Now, that blue is the exact same color as the blue on my front door. We have a white house. There is so much blue throughout my house (carpet, wallpaper, front door, shutters, etc…) that I’ve come to really dislike that color for home decor. Remember, we don’t own our home, my in-laws own it as an investment property. It’s about 80 years old and the decor inside is extremely old fashioned, as Mark’s aunt had it professionally decorated some 25 or so years ago when she lived here. So I’m understandably biased in my thoughts about that specific color. I do, however, love the shade of blue on the image that inspired you. And I swear if we intend to live here for another year or so, I’m going to slowly start painting and making it look nicer than it currently does. Posts like this…where I see a fellow mom take the “I’m woman, hear me roar” stand, totally inspire me. So thanks! And your door really does look nice! 🙂

I looks nice, but I would have chosen a color closer to the inspiration picture because it has more of a green tone, and I love green. However, if you love it, keep it!

You are amazing, what with three little ones under foot, doing this is awesome, I applaud you. Now as for the color, I like it and I agree with Katie, trim the bushes, add some flowers, a wreath and your set. Great job!!!

I love your blue!!! I think once you get some more color…like the yellow in the other pic or some reddish oranges would be pretty with it too…..i like contrast, so i say keep it….i do like the blue one in the pic too….but navy wouldnt be a favorite for me……good luck!!!!

Honestly I think you should try to find some blue shingles to match it.

Or plant some bright tulips or whatever bright flowers you like, as long as they’re primary colors.

Even without doing more work and throwing away more money on a roof and landscaping, I think the door looks great.

I love the color, but I agree you could add some accents to tie it together. 🙂

It is absolutely perfect! Makes me want to come for a visit!

I think I prefer the inspiration color, but agree with whoever suggested a wreath and/or shutters would tie it all together. Definitely not navy, sorry Jonathon. 😉

You are woman, hear you roar!! I have to say that I like the teal in the picture and not a fan of the bright blue…not sure I’d like navy either. The Teal pops from the cream in a more subtle way….

I say keep the blue, or go for the seafoam in your research. Either way, don’t shy away from that amazing statement you’ve made. I think navy will make you sad. Keep it bold and beautiful! Just like you:)

I like the blue it is now. I personally think the brightness of the blue makes the stone of the house looke light and clean, makes the greenery pop. You could also plant some blue flowers in front of the bushes to incorperate the blue more. I say keep it.

Wow I am so impressed! You have done en excellent job and it looks beautiful! You are blessed because of the color of your house I think either blue will look good.

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