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Spring Break and SXSW

Posted on: March 14, 2012

The last two weeks have been one long blur. Jonathan’s been prepping for South by Southwest {SXSW} and the launch for HP Cloud. That has translated into long nights and working all weekend. We are now half way through Spring Break week and I am throughly confused as to what day it actually is {yesterday felt like a Friday, though it was Tuesday}.

Monday Night at the Belmont, show hosted by HP Cloud

At FrogDesign Party

Even with the crazy schedule lately, this is the first Spring Break {post-college} that has actually felt like Spring Break. It probably helps that the girls are usually in school, so to be home all week feels like a vacation/break in some way. Thanks to beautiful weather, we’ve been outdoors a lot and spending ample amounts of time with friends.

Hannah diving right in at Barton Springs

Julia was a little more timid of the cold water

Today we are making a trip to the Austin Zoo and Sanctuary with some friends. I made the mistake of telling Julia last week that we were planning to go, and she hasn’t stopped asking me about it since. Note to self : Don’t tell your kids a week before an event takes place… Lesson learned.

Hopefully by this weekend, Jonathan’s work will have slowed down enough for him to be home and we can enjoy the last few days of break together as a family.

How is your Spring Break? Do you have the week off? 

5 Responses to "Spring Break and SXSW"

Sounds like a great week! The girls look like they were having fun! Way to go, Jonathan, too! I so get you on telling them before the actual moment it takes place – Evan will ask until he receives. We love the Austin Zoo! Hope to see you guys soon!

You look incredible, and if that flat-bellied person holding Hannah’s hand is you, I am even more jealous.

Emily – sadly, that skinny belly is not mine, but my friend. I am jealous of her…. Hopefully I’ll be there soon-ish.

I am sorry to say, I am feeling much better about myself right now. However, you still looked fab (and definitely not like you are even close to having had 3 kids) in the plaid shirt, too!! Your running is paying off for sure.

SXSW, totally cool! Sounds like a busy but nice time. Oh how I miss Austin in the spring/summer since our ‘summer’ doesn’t start until July. But, I also know we are where we’re supposed to be.

Hope you get some good family time in this weekend and some rest.

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