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How Pregnancy Ruins Your Sleep

Posted on: July 11, 2011

In the last two weeks, I’ve started tossing and turning more and more as I sleep. Then, like a bolt of lighting, my sciatica has reared it’s ugly face making hip pain a major problem at night. I’m like the Princess and the Pea. I can feel every lump, bump, and hump in our bed no matter how many pillows I use. And when I get up, I limp around like an old man until my sciatica lightens up. It’s left me extra tired and wondering if the remainder of my pregnancy will be spent sleeping in the lazy boy.

And then I found this:

{Cozy Comfort Pillow}

Just looking at this picture makes me want to take a nap. A giant pillow to snuggle on that supports all the right places. Mama likes.

The only set back I’ve found is that it’s $69. Which I don’t want to spend on a pillow. But it sure is tempting at after a night of tossing and turning.

I’ve positioned my pillows so they mimic the Cozy Comfort, but unfortunately, they move around too much. And my tried and true methods from Julia and Hannah’s pregnancies aren’t seeming to work this time around, as Baby Boy is sitting a lot lower than either of the girls, making for some new adjustments. Sigh.  Perhaps I can get a large mattress cover and make my own Cozy Comfort? After all, it’s just a big pillow with a whole in it. How hard can it be to make?

If you’re pregnant, or have ever been pregnant, what’s your favorite sleep positions and pillows? 

11 Responses to "How Pregnancy Ruins Your Sleep"

i know rachel made one herself! perhaps a sewing project is in your future??? 🙂

Oh wow! That is a seriously huge pillow- BUT I’m sure worth the money. I had terrible hip pain with Silas, the burning kind that would wake me up and make me sore throughout the day- no, not even a body pillow helped. I know Boppy makes a long, “squiggly” pillow too, and sleep is just about priceless when you are pregnant so, it may be worth it!

I, too, had a low sitting boy. My baby boy was head down the entire pregnancy and never left my pelvic area. It was truly amazing. But with that comes a lot of hip and joint pain. So I feel ya!

Honestly, I found my chiropractor to be a life saver. Most of the time my sciatica was flaring up because my back was out of line. Had nothing to do with my hip joints. I don’t know if you’ve ever used one, but I couldn’t have made it through my pregnancy (and postpartum) without him.

If you do look into, be sure he’s experienced with working with pregnant women! Mine worked on me until I was 38 weeks. Research shows an easier/faster labor. I certainly believe in the faster part. I would always sleep like a baby (other than the bathroom trips 3-4 times) after my adjustments.

Ok, this is long-winded! Sorry 😦 But that’s what I did for sciatica. Hope you find relief and God would grant you sweet restful sleep during the times that you are able to close your eyes. God’s grace is sufficient even in the times of no sleep and pain.

I feel your pain Sarah! I had the same problem with the hip pain and discomfort with our bed. I used a long body pillow (still do) that I wrapped my leg over like the one in the picture, but there wasn’t a back side to it. It helped some, but nothing really did the trick. It was just an uncomfortable pregnancy…especially with Abby. It was much harder on my body than my first pregnancy. I will pray for you to find a comfortable solution so your sleep doesn’t suffer. When it comes down to it, you might want to spend the money for the pillow in the picture. After all, you can’t really put a price on your sleep or your sanity.


I did make my own, with a few yards of fabric someone gave me and three (or four?) bags of stuffing. Not free, but cheaper than $69, for sure.

I liked making my own, for the cost savings, but also so that I could customize it to work just the way I thought would feel best (i looked at several models online before making it) and just the right size for my body.

it’s just an overgrown throw pillow, so easy to make…

Lmk if you want more info…

My hubby really disliked the thing and we took to referring to it as the life raft. I promised it would disappear as soon as baby appeared and kept my word. It saved me, though. You have some idea what pain I was in… I have no idea why I waited until my fourth…

I remember this all too well! Josh used to make so much fun of how long it took me to get settled with all my pillows arranged just so! It really stinks when you have to roll over–gotta do it all over again! That pillow DOES look really awesome, but I bet you could make your own… Good luck and here’s to many restful nights 🙂

I bet you could totally make that! Or… I don’t know how you feel about buying one used, but I bet someone is selling theirs online or in a baby consignment shop…?

In this case, I think it might be worth spending $69 (actually that’s not a bad price, I could see it going for more like $100), especially if it won’t be your last pregnancy. I’m all for making your own, but I know I wouldn’t be up for that kind of project while preggo. Either way, good luck with your sleep!!!

Thanks for the encouragements ladies! I have a body pillow I use for the length of my body and then stuff myself in with four other pillows. But each time I move, they move and then it’s readjusting everything all over.

I do have two twin size mattress pads that I’m wondering if I can make into something similar. Just sew a really big pillow case and then stuff them in there. I’m going to look into it…

i didn’t buy one with Hudson, but totally regret not getting it. i remember my hips being so sore i would have to get out of bed and walk around for awhile before i could walk to sleep (although now that i think about it, not so much a walk as a hobble!!) By the time i was convinced to buy one i felt like there wasn’t enough of my pregnancy left to justify it. Mike would tuck me in with my pillows every night, but then one side would go numb and then i’d have to roll over. i should have just bought it early on. i’m pretty sure i will next time around. i started going to a chiro sometime in the late part of my 2nd trimester and it did help, although she was honest and said it was unlikely she would relieve all my pain. At that point relieving even some was a god send!! 🙂

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