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Our Second Hospital Visit this Week – Try New Adventures

Posted on: March 29, 2012

We are heading back to the hospital today for the second time this week. And again it’s for Hannah. However, this visit has been planned for over a month.

Hannah’s having her tonsils removed today.

Last fall, we noticed that Hannah was exhibiting similar sleep apnea issues that Julia also had. We thought at first that she may just have allergies, and decided to wait to pursue things medically. By January, when things had not cleared up, we took her to the pediatrician. From there, we were referred to pediatric ENT.

The ENT visit took all of 10 minutes. The doctor asked us a few questions, did a quick exam on Hannah, but once he found out we’ve been through a tonsillectomy with Julia, he signed up right up for surgery. It all happened faster than I expected {given that it took months before surgery became an option for Julia}, but I knew it was for the best.

Our fridge is stocked with juice and pudding, and our freezer is stocked with popsicles and ice cream. Hannah’s surgery is scheduled for 11am. She’s been drinking juice all morning, since she’s not allowed any solid foods.

Because Hannah wasn’t allowed solid foods after 2am, Jonathan got her up around 1 and had a midnight snack with her. Apparently, she ate TWO tuna fish sandwiches and a bowl of goldfish. I’m pretty grateful she had such a big appetite, because it’s made not having breakfast a lot more bearable.

The weekend will be spent lounging around, watching lots of Super Why! episodes and keeping Hannah nice and comfy as she recovers. Perhaps not quite the adventure I’d want for her, but an adventure all the same.

Do you have your tonsils? Jonathan and I both do, but now the kids are 2-1.  

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9 Responses to "Our Second Hospital Visit this Week – Try New Adventures"

Praying for that sweet girl’s surgery and a speedy recovery! Sorry you’ve had so much going on this week! Let us know if we can do anything or bring more ice cream this weekend 🙂

Hey Sarah,
I don’t have tonsils and from what my Mom told me she apparently had the four older Leeson kids done at the same time! That would have made your Mother about 7, Uncle John 5, Aunt Shanny 3, and I was 1! I asked her if she reverted. It and she said not really though if she’d have know beforehand, she may have waited out of sheer exhaustion! My prayers are with you guys always and a special one for Hannah today. Lots of hugs….Aunt Stac

I still have my tonsils. So do my kids. Praying for your sweet Hannah! 🙂

awww!! I will be praying for a quick and easy recovery!

How interesting! I have my tonsils…and I honestly can’t remember if my husband does or not! Haha.
Hope it all goes smoothly for her…update soon!

I’m so glad this was a more smooth path to surgery and pray that it helps Hannah as it did Julia.

I don’t have my tonsils because (look away if you get grossed out)

I was getting tonsil stones or nasty little bits of stuff stuck into these deep holes all over my tonsils. I watched a few seasons of Sex in the City while I recovered but it went quickly. Hope Hannah’s recovery is quick and smooth too, but wouldn’t recommend any SITC hehe.

Seth and I still have ours and so does Val. Jordan had his removed at age 4, also due to sleep apnea. He had complications post-surgery so he had to stay in the hospital for 4 days. (it was bc he refused to take his pain meds bc it tasted bad, so his pain got out of control and he subsequently refused to drink fluids and got dehydrated) . Hope Hannah does well, give her a kiss from us!!

Poor girl!! My husband and I both have our tonsils. I remember going to visit my BF in the hospital after she had hers out. She said the good thing was she got to eat all the popsicles she could. I’m glad your husband got her up!!

I hope her surgery went well and that she feels better quickly. I don’t have my tonsils-they were removed when I was almost 18 years old because I kept getting strep throat (I had it about 7 times in one year).

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