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We are heading back to the hospital today for the second time this week. And again it’s for Hannah. However, this visit has been planned for over a month.

Hannah’s having her tonsils removed today.

Last fall, we noticed that Hannah was exhibiting similar sleep apnea issues that Julia also had. We thought at first that she may just have allergies, and decided to wait to pursue things medically. By January, when things had not cleared up, we took her to the pediatrician. From there, we were referred to pediatric ENT.

The ENT visit took all of 10 minutes. The doctor asked us a few questions, did a quick exam on Hannah, but once he found out we’ve been through a tonsillectomy with Julia, he signed up right up for surgery. It all happened faster than I expected {given that it took months before surgery became an option for Julia}, but I knew it was for the best.

Our fridge is stocked with juice and pudding, and our freezer is stocked with popsicles and ice cream. Hannah’s surgery is scheduled for 11am. She’s been drinking juice all morning, since she’s not allowed any solid foods.

Because Hannah wasn’t allowed solid foods after 2am, Jonathan got her up around 1 and had a midnight snack with her. Apparently, she ate TWO tuna fish sandwiches and a bowl of goldfish. I’m pretty grateful she had such a big appetite, because it’s made not having breakfast a lot more bearable.

The weekend will be spent lounging around, watching lots of Super Why! episodes and keeping Hannah nice and comfy as she recovers. Perhaps not quite the adventure I’d want for her, but an adventure all the same.

Do you have your tonsils? Jonathan and I both do, but now the kids are 2-1.  

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We are five days out from surgery and Julia is rockin’. The first two days we got home, she was really tired and slept a lot. By Saturday, she was back to her normal self, with the exception of the types of food she’s allowed. While we’re still restricting food to softer items (no pretzels, granola, etc) everything else seems to be back on track.

Leading up to surgery, Julia did amazingly well. She was never scared and seemed to actually be enjoying herself in the preparation rooms. Here are a few pictures:

Waiting for the nurses. Told you she was pretty excited.

We had to wipe Mabel down with sanitary wipes before putting her in scrubs.

I got into scrubs, cap and mask so I could take Mabel back to surgery. The entire time I was getting dressed, Hannah kept staring wide-eyed at me. I just knew she was about to freak out. But once I was fully decked out Hannah started laughing hysterically. Apparently I must look funny in scrubs.

One last thing I’ll say: dealing with your child post surgery is kinda like coming back from vacation. For the first few days after Mabel’s surgery, we “overlooked” certain issues since she didn’t feel very well (sorta like you might do on a vacation with extended family). But now, well now it’s like coming back from a long vacation without much structure. Let’s just say, yesterday and today have revolved around reinforcing our house rules. Whew, I think this surgery was harder on us than her! 🙂

At least that’s what this photo makes me think:

I’m not sure how clearly you can see the picture, but I’ve drawn arrows to point out Mabel’s tonsils for you. Apparently, every tonsil-less girl gets sent home with this picture – a keepsake for all times. Disney princesses to serve up and deliver your tonsils.

I’m sorry, but this picture kinda freaks me out. I mean, really, a princess holding tonsils? It’s a little weird. But hilarious at the same time. And after all, of all the Disney princesses, Cinderella was a pretty good choice.

Mabel’s surgery went really well. She did great leading up to the surgery – was very calm and not even scared going into the OR. I was able to take her back to the operating room and held her while they put her under anesthesia. After she came to, she was pretty groggy and out of it for several hours. I spent the day with her, while Jonathan took Hannah back home for naps. By about 4pm on Wednesday, Julia’s anesthesia and morphine were wearing off and she was getting pretty grouchy and restless. After dinner, I took Hannah home, but then went back to the hospital to help Jonathan console Mabel (who was getting pretty hysterical about having to stay the night). Once I left, Jonathan said she was up off and on all night. By 7am on Thursday I was back at the hospital to take Mabel home. When I got there, she was crying and refusing to take her medicine despite being in a lot of pain. But once we left, her mood completely changed. All day Thursday (and so far today) she’s been a little deflated and seems like she feels kinda yucky, but her attitude is amazing (given how she feels). She’s been in pretty high spirits and was requesting to go for walks and bike rides. We might just survive our toddler post-operation week!

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