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Cinderella is serving tonsils for dinner

Posted on: May 7, 2010

At least that’s what this photo makes me think:

I’m not sure how clearly you can see the picture, but I’ve drawn arrows to point out Mabel’s tonsils for you. Apparently, every tonsil-less girl gets sent home with this picture – a keepsake for all times. Disney princesses to serve up and deliver your tonsils.

I’m sorry, but this picture kinda freaks me out. I mean, really, a princess holding tonsils? It’s a little weird. But hilarious at the same time. And after all, of all the Disney princesses, Cinderella was a pretty good choice.

Mabel’s surgery went really well. She did great leading up to the surgery – was very calm and not even scared going into the OR. I was able to take her back to the operating room and held her while they put her under anesthesia. After she came to, she was pretty groggy and out of it for several hours. I spent the day with her, while Jonathan took Hannah back home for naps. By about 4pm on Wednesday, Julia’s anesthesia and morphine were wearing off and she was getting pretty grouchy and restless. After dinner, I took Hannah home, but then went back to the hospital to help Jonathan console Mabel (who was getting pretty hysterical about having to stay the night). Once I left, Jonathan said she was up off and on all night. By 7am on Thursday I was back at the hospital to take Mabel home. When I got there, she was crying and refusing to take her medicine despite being in a lot of pain. But once we left, her mood completely changed. All day Thursday (and so far today) she’s been a little deflated and seems like she feels kinda yucky, but her attitude is amazing (given how she feels). She’s been in pretty high spirits and was requesting to go for walks and bike rides. We might just survive our toddler post-operation week!

9 Responses to "Cinderella is serving tonsils for dinner"

So glad to hear you all are doing fairly well considering what you have been through! None of my children had their tonsils out, but my sis did. She seemed to be healthier afterward. I do hope and pray it helps Mabel’s sleep apnea!

Way to take it like a champ Julia! Hang in there Sarah, you are doing a great job. And the picture freaks me out too. 🙂

Yep, I would fire whoever came up with that princess tonsil idea. Quite disturbing. Way to go Mabel!!

I see no need to add the tonsils to that picture. It is definitely freaky! Really makes you wonder what goes through some people’s heads! Glad to hear you are getting through it- hang in there, we’re praying for you!

My guess is the person who thought up that idea was anti-Disney. Now all tonsil-less little girls in Iowa City will grow up freaked out by princesses.

Definitely freaky and hilarious! Glad Julia is doing well, hope she continues to heal quickly.

So hope she’s doing better!!!

That card is hilarious!

That’s just disturbing 😦 Hope she’s feeling better!

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