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Never ask a man to do a woman’s job

Posted on: May 6, 2010

Cause this is what happens:

Earlier this week Jon changed Hannah’s diaper since I was making lunch. She comes back with her onesie on the outside of her pants. I could barely stop laughing long enough to snap the photo. Maybe it’s a new fashion trend?

On another note – these two look nothing alike. Seriously, it’s like I gave birth to Jonathan’s mini-me:

4 Responses to "Never ask a man to do a woman’s job"

That is SOOOO FUNNY! I needed a good laugh!

That’s hilarious 🙂 Mini-me, haha!

Haha- too funny! And good for Jonathan for being a good sport. My sister’s husband is frequently putting Teagan into Harper’s clothes, and not realizing that they are several sizes too small. She ends up wearing capris and 3/4 sleeve shirts 🙂

Haha love it and love the look on Jonathan’s face! It is crazy how much HM looks just like dad.

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