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Why You Should Watch Once Upon a Time

Posted on: April 1, 2012

When it comes to television, I’m a straight shooter : Give me a good sitcom and leave the drama for ya mama. I can’t get beyond one season of most dramas, and I’ve tried a lot {Brothers and Sisters, Grey’s Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and only two episodes of SMASH to name a few}. With all the sexy-sex, over dramatic plots and soap opera like episodes, my brain starts hurting. Until now.

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I watched my first episode of Once Upon a Time just before Joseph was born. I’ve been hooked ever since. Despite being a drama, you don’t get the overtly sexual tension that seems to propel most dramas. And there’s something about splitting episodes between “our world” and “fairy tale” world that is quite appealing. Like a “where are they now” of all your favorite fairy tale characters. The writers have done a great job of delving into the characters and writing out their stories while building the plot. Not to mention the crazy spins the writers have put on the characters and plots {Red Riding Hood IS the big bad wolf?? Didn’t see that one coming}.

The season is wrapping up in May, and while I’m eager for next season, I’m also a little worried. Once the characters have been written out, where will it go from there? Are they going to start adding outlandish plots and turning it into just another nighttime soap opera? Or are they going to leave the sexy-sex behind and give us quality television?

However the series goes next season, I highly recommend you watch this season. It totally rocks.

What’s your favorite show on tv?

5 Responses to "Why You Should Watch Once Upon a Time"

i totally agree about the show! i, too, hope that they don’t sexify it for next season. (katie’s friend in nj)

and it is much better than “grimm”… i don’t get that show.

I’m hooked on PBSs Downton Abby.

I LOVE Once Upon a Time!!! Do you read Sorta Crunchy’s recaps? I always make sure I watch each episode on Hulu by Tuesday, because that’s when she posts about it – and I love reading her and her readers’ speculations about what it all means!!

season finale tonight! woo hoo

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