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Bookmark Me Baby

Posted on: January 24, 2011

In early December, Jonathan and I started talking about business cards – specifically me getting business cards. We knew with Blissdom approaching, it would be nice for me to have cards to pass out to the other attendees. I started doing some research, but never fell in love with anything. I wanted something practical, but expressed me at the same time {a lot of pressure for a little card, huh?}.

Then Jonathan mentioned the idea of a bookmark business card. Immediately I loved the idea. A bookmark {because I love to read} that has all my information on it. Perfect. Now to find a design/designer. After going through Etsy a few times, I came across DesignsByThoughts. As soon as I saw Tiffany’s work, I knew it was a match for me. So I contacted her, discussed some ideas and this is what she made:

Isn’t adorable? I just love the red roof on the church. And the adorable flowers. And the stain glass. And the…. okay, I just love the whole thing. Seriously.

9 Responses to "Bookmark Me Baby"

Cool idea! Glad you found something that is “you”!

very cute! i think you should send some to ia 🙂

love it sarah!!! very cute!!!

Oooo it’s cute, colorful, and appealing to the eye!

Plus, the whole idea of getting bookmarked online- great idea!!!!

Thanks ladies! I’m pretty excited too! 🙂

Leah – I will! Once I’m back home I’ll mail you one.

Emily – Exactly! Although, that wasn’t the initial thought, pnce it was done I was all like “bookmark my online!”.

Love it! So cute!

Sarah these are so unique I would not have thought about a bookmark card. They look awesome!

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