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How to Care For Your Family While You’re Away

Posted on: January 25, 2011

I’m leaving today for Blissdom. And much like when I left for New York last fall, I have taken some steps to help Jonathan out while I’m away. Because, while some days I’d like to think my full time job is my blog, it isn’t. My full time job is taking care of my family. I take a lot of delight in my work and want to make sure that I can still fulfill my wife/mother roles while away. So here are some ways I’m helping Jonathan cope with me being away:

1. Organize the girls clothes –

Each day is bundled together, with the girl’s name on it. Unwrap, dress and you’re ready to go! {I did provide layers, in case the weather goes all crazy on me.}

2. Organize meals –

I have the freezer stocked with dinners and the pantry loaded with quick and easy snacks. I’ve also made a list of side options to go with each meal.

3. Organize activities – While Jonathan is super active in the girls’ lives, he doesn’t quite know what activities there are to do around town like I do. So I made a list for each day to let him choose.

4. Sticky notes –

I did this when I traveled to New York. Jonathan said it was helpful {for other things – like coffee}, but the dog never did get fed…

5. Movies – While I tend not to want the girls to watch much television during the week, I know it’s an easy pass time. I’ve made sure there are several episodes of their favorite show recorded so they can watch a set amount as needed.

6. Diapers/Wipes/Pull ups – Jonathan isn’t as into cloth diapering as I am {read Jonathan doesn’t cloth diaper}. To prepare for the week, I stocked up on disposables. Because there is nothing worse than having to run to the store just for diapers.

7. Back up help – We were very blessed to live right by three close families while in Iowa. At the drop of the hat we could ask for help and they could be there in no time. Now, as we are still meeting people, I’ve had to do a little more planning. Still, we’ve been really blessed with people willing to help Jonathan {even if it is just inviting him to playdates} so that he doesn’t feel alone in the process.

8. Answering my phone – I’m notorious for not answering my phone. And it drives Jonathan bonkers. Because of that, for the next few days, my phone will be attached to my hip {not literally – not a big fan of those hip holders}.

9. Sweet loving – I’m making sure Jonathan gets some sweet loving before I leave. And… It’s not what you think. I made him a batch of cookies {as bribery for girls} and am currently baking some blueberry muffins – which are his favorite.

10. Grace – Taking care of the girls and being a homemaker isn’t Jonathan’s full time job, it’s mine. I need to loosen up any expectations I might have for how things should go – or honestly, how the house should look when I get back. I need to be overwhelmed by the fact that my husband is showing me this grand gesture of love and respond in kind, with grace and love.

What do you do to help your husband prepare for you being away?

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14 Responses to "How to Care For Your Family While You’re Away"

Sarah – Enjoy! 6 days out of town!! I think my longest is 48 hours, and can’t imagine the planning and preparation it would take with just one. Sarah (and Jonathan) sign me up for some help time at your house or getting the girls out and about on Friday. I’m available all day Friday and John and I will be around most of the weekend 🙂

What a great wife and mom! I’m amazed at your organization for preparing your family for you to be gone. Way to be! 🙂

I’ve only ever been gone 1 weekend (for a girls’ retreat) since we’ve been married and since we have no kiddos, Christopher was pretty set. He loves to cook and he feeds our dog 1/2 the time (he usually feeds Oreo breakfast and I feed him dinner) so nothing out of the ordinary happened. 🙂

This is a fantastic list and clearly you are an organized and excellent wife, mom, and homemaker! I haven’t been away from the boys yet but when I go out of town with Chris home I usually leave him notes and a few dinner/snack ideas even though I know he will just eat chips and popcorn for dinner most nights.

Bravo, sounds like it should all run smoothly. Have a great time at Blissdom!!!

Some of you maybe asking, what’s up with her husband. Is he really this hopeless. The answer is…. Yes! I’ll tell you why. When I started off as a parent, I had it down… Seriously I told our friend Amanda that I should write a book on parenting BEFORE we ever had kids. Then Julia came… I was shocked! Not only at how difficult she was, but at how quickly I would lose it. Then Hannah came and I quickly gave up hope on writing that book. I’m not the kind of dad that needs to have it all together anymore. Seriously, my wife is amazing… I want to focus on love and teaching… and so many other things that don’t involve “trying to figure out what size this little girls shirt is and which one of my little girls it belongs to”. Thank God for Julia. She always corrects me. I love that. I also don’t want to think about food. Last time Sarah left I literally forgot to feed Hannah… Seriously! I don’t want to think about it. There are so many other things that occupy my head while I’m alone with the girls. So with everything listed here, it may seem a little overboard. But honestly its just enough because I know that we are going to have a fabulous time just like Sarah. It’s really a vacation for us all… Except mine may involve a few more tears. 🙂

Thanks love!!!! I am very excited for your week and for ours.

Hahaha! I love you babe. 😉

Hey Sarah–

Shelly’s told me about your blog but I am just now finally checking it out. I love your list of things you do to help your man while you’re gone. I do a lot of the same things to help, but thankfully, he’s around a lot and somewhat knows the routine. However, I love, love, love your last point about grace. Would you mind if I cut/paste it into my blog and reference you? It’s such a good point to remember.

Also, Shelly gave me a bar of soap and it’s delish! Getting ready to order some for the family.

Hope Austin is treating you well.


Hey Tricia! Glad you liked the list. 😉 And cut/paste away!

Ohhh… so glad you love the soap! It’s my favorite.

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Yea, have so much fun!!!!! Well done on taking care of your fam!

I’m going too! See you there.

Awesome. This post made me think… I don’t think I have left my kids with my husband yet for more than a few hours a time. Maybe it’s time! (can you see me scratching my head and planning already?)
If I do, I will be sure to remember this post and all of your awesomeness!

Caylie and I enjoyed visiting with you all tonight at dinner. You have a great blog! I’ll have to become a “follower”! 🙂

Thanks!! It was great to meet you both too!

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